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Another year, another GPP Photo Week! We’re closed today and tomorrow (Feb 13th & 14th). The six epic days of #GPP2018 have come and gone, and we would like to thank our instructors, our participants, our crew, @cadillacarabia, @alserkalavenue, our partners, and you for making this memorable event possible. We’re taking a much-deserved break after an exhilarating six days, and we’ll be back in the office on Thu, Feb 15th. See you then!

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2018.02.13. 06:07



2018.02.13. 06:34
Break after big week ❤


2018.02.13. 06:44
What an amazing, well-executed event. Congrats and thank you for allowing me to be a part of the experience.

2018.02.13. 09:27
Hats off to the best people ever. Thank you for all your efforts and making gpp week a thoroughly enriching experience for everyone


2018.02.13. 12:32


2018.02.13. 12:35
you guys are amazing


2018.02.13. 13:44
👏 👏 best team


2018.02.13. 14:47
Well deserved!


2018.02.13. 18:43
Thank you so much for such an inspiring week! Incredible event...You guys definitely deserve to rest 👏👏


2018.02.13. 19:00


2018.02.13. 21:05
Darlings all! Nothing happens without this terrific crew of selfless people who not only work hard but are cheerful and kind, not to mention very professional! Inspired!🙏🏼🌹🌷🌸💐💋


2018.02.13. 21:41
Great work. Time for Relaxing.


2018.02.15. 22:59
Amazing one this year! To the next!! Xx



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