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We had a wonderful six days filled with photography at #GPP2018! From workshops to exhibitions, and SONY PhotoFriday to our Spotlight Program, we had a blast exploring the world of photography with you. If you joined us this year, make sure to share your photos and tag #GPP2018 so we can give you some love!

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@gulfphotoplus thank you so much and it was well organized, keep up the good work & wish u all the best



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Search for a sense of belonging and experience “Beyond Here is Nothing” by @laura_eltantawy in the GPP gallery until Mar 31. In her latest body of work, Laura brings us into a private world, combining shadows, textures, and sound to form haunting imagery. Visit our Exhibitions page to learn more about "Beyond Here is Nothing"!

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Another year, another GPP Photo Week! We’re closed today and tomorrow (Feb 13th & 14th). The six epic days of #GPP2018 have come and gone, and we would like to thank our instructors, our participants, our crew, @cadillacarabia, @alserkalavenue, our partners, and you for making this memorable event possible. We’re taking a much-deserved break after an exhilarating six days, and we’ll be back in the office on Thu, Feb 15th. See you then!

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It's almost time to set off on our last @sonymea Snap Session of #GPP2018! It’s been an awesome ride introducing so many people to the art of food, automotive, and portrait photography over the last six days.

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If you're searching for regional photography, the perfect place to start is with our Editions, a curated collection of fine art prints centered around the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa! Check out our featured series in the GPP gallery, "The Wandering Veil" by @localeila and "Visual Narratives" by @aishajemila. Browse our full collection on the GPP website at 🖼 Prints start at AED1,357 (including VAT).

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Whatever the occasion, give the photographer in your life a treat with a customizable GPP Gift Card! 🎁🎞📚 GPP Gift Card can be redeemed against workshops, printing, film, photo books, and more. You can visit us in-store for a physical copy or purchase it online via our website 📸