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SONY PhotoFriday was a blast! 📸 Don’t worry if you missed out, GPP Photo Week 2018 isn’t over yet. We have activities all day - from Snap Sessions with @sonymea, our Spotlight Program, free camera cleaning, photo walks, and The ShootOut. Find out more via the link in our bio!

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It truly was... you guys rocked with the programming and mentor selection



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We're still on a break, but that doesn't mean we can't feel the love! Let us take a moment to appreciate this shot by @tamarabdul, "Jack and Adrieh share an embrace in Ramallah". Happy Love Day! We'll be back in action tomorrow, Thu, Feb 15. See you soon for year-round workshops, printing, and exhibitions!

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We had a wonderful six days filled with photography at #GPP2018! From workshops to exhibitions, and SONY PhotoFriday to our Spotlight Program, we had a blast exploring the world of photography with you. If you joined us this year, make sure to share your photos and tag #GPP2018 so we can give you some love!

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Whatever the occasion, give the photographer in your life a treat with a customizable GPP Gift Card! 🎁🎞📚 GPP Gift Card can be redeemed against workshops, printing, film, photo books, and more. You can visit us in-store for a physical copy or purchase it online via our website 📸

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Chebmoha, our interviewee for “Profiling Photographers” in October 2017, was recently featured on @instagram’s feed! Learn more about him on our blog, or visit his profile. #Repost from @instagram: Photo by @chebmoha Twenty-five-year-old Cheb Moha (@chebmoha) was born in Iraq, raised in Libya and Canada, then couch-surfed his way across Europe and the Middle East. He’s settled (for a moment) in the United Arab Emirates. “I have never encountered a place that was boring to me,” says Moha, whose first photos were made with an old film camera and a roll of expired film. “The pictures were really bad,” he admits. But he’d found a way of connecting with people around the world. “It’s a very intimate thing to ask someone, ‘Can I take your picture?’ It created a lot of friendships, a lot of relationships and opportunities.” From those opportunities, he’s built a career as a stylist, art director and photographer, with his images now hanging on gallery walls at GPP Photo Week, the Dubai-based photo festival organized by @gulfphotoplus. “I’m peeling back the layers of where I am and going beyond the confines of how things are usually seen,” he says.

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Have you taken a peek at our shelves recently? These beauties just arrived, and we can't wait for you to enjoy these photo books! 😍 We stocked up with @dailleux's endearing "Mère et Fils", @sanne_de_wilde's striking "The Island of the Colorblind", @kenhermann's colorful "Flower Men", and much more. Photo books start at AED 40. Visit to see all of our new photo books! 📷📚

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#FollowFriday > There's something about @susann_johnston's feed that makes us want to pause, breathe in, and pay attention to our surroundings. 😌💕 Whether her photos feature tranquil landscapes in New Zealand or quaint corners of Oman, we are constantly struck by the hint of adventure in her photos. A series of Sue's photographs, "Dhows from Around the World", is currently being exhibited at @mirzamchocolate. You can see more of her work on 📸