Photo by @christian_foto Christian Rodríguez (@christian_foto) is seeing the world differently. The photojournalist from Uruguay has eyes in the sky, with a drone-mounted camera, and his young son strapped to his back. “You can see the magnitude of the landscape,” he says, describing the perspective his aerial camera gave him while on a recent trip to Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of Argentina. “This region has rivers, peat bogs, melting glaciers and rich flora and fauna,” he adds. “In the end, a drone is a great tool, but the most important thing is the story behind the image.” For Christian, his most important story now is his relationship with his son, Salvador, who, at 16 months of age, is already growing up as an explorer. “I don’t want to be an absent father,” says Christian. “I want to give him beautiful memories.” To see more of Christian’s aerial photography, check out our story now.

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I'm going through everything I c posted by u and it's amazing how u captured God.


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