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Love this so much. A big thank you to my soul brother @prince_ea for joining the conversation and sharing his thoughts on flexibility and the importance of going with the flow. Check out the first two episodes of @wearemanenough made possible by my good friends @harrys!!! Tag a man in your life who gets it! A brand new episode drops tomorrow! #manenough (link in bio) #harrys

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2018.01.10. 16:49



2018.01.15. 20:29
Epic show! So important. Can’t wait for more eps!


2018.01.16. 02:52
Hey, I don’t know if you gonna read this, but can you please put CC for hard-hearing and deaf people? Because I am deaf, and I can’t understand what are you saying in the episodes.


2018.01.16. 16:17
@theperilsofshuffle watch watch. And follow him


2018.01.17. 00:36


2018.01.17. 04:28
Watch the first three episodes of #ManEnough directly on www.WeAreManEnough.com


2018.01.17. 04:28
@tomatopickle ❤️


2018.01.17. 04:29
@milla.lubis Have you seen the first three episodes of #ManEnough? Watch now only on www.WeAreManEnough.com


2018.01.17. 04:30
@jekceres Thank you so much for your support! We do this work as a service to the community and messages like this mean the world to us! ❤️


2018.01.17. 04:31
@k.rocabading Watch Episodes 2 & 3 now only on www.WeAreManEnough.com


2018.01.17. 16:14


2018.01.17. 16:48
Nice metaphor ❤


2018.01.18. 01:59
This series is is phenomenal! Also, there is a great story on masculinity on the The Moth Radio Hour podcast (Shocks and Surprises episode) by storyteller Liel Leibowitz!


2018.01.18. 02:37
@allysnyder0219 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


2018.01.18. 04:02


2018.01.18. 10:59
@rishi175 interesting


2018.01.18. 23:04
This is such an important message for all people, but especially men who are often taught from young age to only be strong and tough and never show feelings, not to be vulnerable... I think it robs from experiencing love and true connections and building strong relationships with other people in their lives. I think the series that you’re creating and the messages you send out to the world are truly amazing, very much needed! Thank you 🙏 🙋🏼‍♀️


2018.01.21. 02:14
Biggest croc of shit! Be a man


2018.01.22. 01:42
@kaykayinyoface I’m in love.


2018.01.22. 13:16
@king_kurts listen 😘


2018.01.22. 18:07


2018.01.24. 12:15
@sammyvandbroek @danielvdb94 real talk right here


2018.01.24. 22:37


2018.01.25. 01:35


2018.01.27. 17:43
@beltonandy This one is something we've kind of talked about


2018.01.28. 18:00
Social game rules,


2018.01.31. 06:50
@archana.93 reminds me of our convos by the lake??


2018.01.31. 06:51
@naarzoo exactly my thought. Hopefully this year, a bottle of Smirnoff and off we go 😉


2018.01.31. 07:48
I saw your TED talk. Thank you. I stop watching TV decides ago, so really had no clue who you were. Glad your such a good man!


2018.01.31. 18:33
@mr_spider watch his Ted talk too.


2018.02.02. 19:17
Baaasaaaaaaaam yusuuuuf


2018.02.03. 22:23
I love you @willysiufanga Being vulnerable will never be weak in my eyes. Thank you for remaining open minded and flexible.


2018.02.05. 04:20
Dammit so true.. I need to be more flexible....


2018.02.05. 16:05


2018.02.06. 11:42
I tagged Uili in this, sis. So good. Show Kiola ☺️💘 @pvhulu


2018.02.06. 22:46


2018.02.07. 19:26


2018.02.07. 22:28
@kristinaioannou That was awesome, so true!


2018.02.08. 11:19
Oh wow @emeliecollen I love this



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Today is a special moment for our new house. We came over to write blessings on the walls with our friends and realized it was window installation day!!! Huge thank you @californiadeluxewindows for helping us turn our dreams into a reality! They make the best windows in the Buisness. Much more to come but so grateful. #construction #dreamhome #love

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#dearmaiya - for most of your childhood you are going to have people ask you what you want to be when you grow up. They are really asking about the job you want to have, but don’t let that confuse you sweetheart. Your job is not who you are. And who you are is not defined by your job. My dream for you is that when someone asks what you want to be when you grow up, you answer with who you already are: Kind. Joyful. Brave. Wise. “Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face. Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression.” —Bahá’u’lláh

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This. Was. Everything. I loved spending the last few days with my dad @sambaldoni. I want to be really mindful about creating experiences with my parents this year. They say that being a parent is the only time you feel nostalgia for the present, but for every year that goes by I’m finding that to be true for being a son as well. I feel like I missed so much of who my parents are as people and their lives because I’ve been so focused on building mine. But I’m now really excited to go deep, spend some time with them, and really get to know the people that made me who I am (baggage and all) in a brand new way. If your lucky enough to have your parents still around... even if it’s uncomfortable or your relationship is rocky. Don’t wait to fix it. Don’t wait for them to call you and apologize. Call them and tell them you love them. Just do it. There’s no pride or ego in love. There’s just love.