Photo by @kajeh By leaving the camera shutter open for 30 seconds, Kajeh Mehrizi (@kajeh) was able to create this long-exposure light painting with a flashlight and some spur-of-the-moment creativity. “Light painting is very experimental,” he says. “I don’t know what the final result will look like, but the thrill of seeing it is very satisfying.” #WHPspontaneous

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@Rull.77 يالرخيصه ادخلي خاص لابوك لابو رخصك


2018.01.20. 10:53


2018.01.20. 13:14
Are you crazy


2018.01.20. 14:25
what is so special about you?????????????????


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2018.01.20. 17:13
Love lightpainting...just discovered it and I am fascinated by its effects

2018.01.20. 17:59
@coexistent I can try


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2018.01.20. 20:35


2018.01.20. 20:40
very good


2018.01.20. 21:21
very good


2018.01.20. 22:59


2018.01.20. 23:32
very good


2018.01.21. 00:47
Kool 👍🏾


2018.01.21. 07:17


2018.01.21. 08:14
What is app ???


2018.01.21. 08:18


2018.01.21. 10:06


2018.01.21. 10:07


2018.01.21. 10:14
Mans not hot


2018.01.21. 12:08
coooool #how to do that


2018.01.21. 13:19


2018.01.21. 14:50



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