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@emilybaldoni and I are building our first home together. To be honest...my life right now kinda feels a little like this house. Open, raw, vulnerable and under construction. Today we walked over to just sit in the house and dream a bit. We said some prayers, thanked God, and promised to use it as a home of love and service where all will be welcomed. Then Emily walked away and stood in the middle of the house where our dining room will be, and started praying. She then gave our house Reiki. God I love my wife. Life can be hard. Love is never easy. But man... life with her is really beautiful. Now looking back at this picture I realize that if my life looks anything like this house- I couldn’t be more blessed as I really don’t need this to be happy. Home is where the heart is, where she and my kids are... where God is. And this house and the life we are building together is being built on the most important foundation in existence... Love. And because it’s built on love...it makes it a fortress. Happy 2018 everyone. Let’s build a beautiful year together. Let’s build it with love.

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2018.01.05. 20:10
So beautiful, you deserve it! God bless your home always ❤.


2018.01.05. 22:05
You know what inspires me so much about you guys is your simplicity. When I first started following you on Instagram, I told my friend, @fsali24, "Did you notice how their home is much smaller than a celebrity of their grandeur would normally have?" And she went, "Wow! I am glad you noticed that." Even this property. I can see how you guys are living so humbly. May God continue to keep you on the earth because a lot of us when get big and famous, forget our connection to it in terms of our humble origins.


2018.01.05. 23:02
you are a great father and a perfect husband wow


2018.01.05. 23:21
beautifully said ❣️


2018.01.06. 00:39
How awesome. Congratulations


2018.01.06. 02:45
What a sweet message (as usual haha). I love how you love your wife. And life is truly more beautiful when you are building it with your life partner by your side.


2018.01.06. 05:07
Huge step, congrats!


2018.01.06. 05:26
@georgiamoore11 reading this made me cry


2018.01.06. 06:44
Justin, all of your posts are so deep and meaningful. I always enjoy reading them. You have a very beautiful family!


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This is beautiful. You and your wife have such a wonderful outlook on life! I admire it!


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@roymistry 😘


2018.01.06. 13:20
Love like this is inspirational, makes me want to love myself more so I share that love with others


2018.01.06. 13:50
@pablo.prieri ♥️


2018.01.06. 14:52
@jxrod_ his caption melts my heartttt


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2018.01.06. 21:31
thank you so much for this, you're inspiring me and making me think I can overcome anything 💗 you're a light! may God bless you and your family


2018.01.07. 05:39
This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


2018.01.07. 17:27
Heart touching sharing. Beautiful!


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Happy new year and may god bless you and your family! @justinbaldoni


2018.01.08. 16:57
My husband and I just finished building ours. People say it can break a marriage but our experience just made our relationship stronger, more honest and open, and more incredible in general. Good luck to you two ✨ @justinbaldoni


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2018.01.10. 04:21
You're an exceptionally truthful and kind human being! It's an inspiration and also a relief to read your posts and relate on many levels. I wish all the best to your family and your future home! Home is where the heart and love is ❤🙏 #lovefromcanada🇨🇦


2018.01.10. 11:15
Dude your outlook on life is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Many of the gross attributes that are picked up by a lot of Hollywood actors don’t exist in you, and thats really dope. The way you see life is the way I aspire to one day and I hope you know you’re a huge role model for me simply because of the way you are always willing to so openly fess up to your mistakes and always seem to want to better yourself, huge props man. I’m only 16 now so I’m positive I have more learning to do but just know that you’re probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to Instagram so keep it up and keep being you. #bahailove


2018.01.14. 21:11
So beautifully written


2018.01.15. 20:13
@sparky847 his words *swoon* beautiful.


2018.01.15. 20:34
@misslizz____ that’s what I’m talking about.. 💚💚💚 real love


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@jabsauce how beautiful is this


2018.01.19. 07:11
@justinbaldoni my husband and I have been building our house for almost 3 years. It has been a difficult but gratifying experience. I loved seeing this post when scrolling through.


2018.01.25. 07:29
you are such a kind human be a wonderful person with a big heart i love the way you keep things positive and always have faith in god i know god will bring you and your beautiful family many blessings into your new home keep your faith and love in god and things will be a little less tough you have such a beautiful family may god always bless your two beautiful kids you and your wife 🙏❤️ @justinbaldoni


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This is just beautiful



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Today is a special moment for our new house. We came over to write blessings on the walls with our friends and realized it was window installation day!!! Huge thank you @californiadeluxewindows for helping us turn our dreams into a reality! They make the best windows in the Buisness. Much more to come but so grateful. #construction #dreamhome #love

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Four months ago, at 1:39pm my sweet little boy Maxwell came into this world and my wife proved once again that she is indeed a real life super hero. The older I get, the more it seems my relationship with time becomes more complex. On one hand there’s nothing I love more than seeing him grow and change and become whoever he is destined to be. I love getting older in the sense that I have new experiences I get learn from and put into practice to one day pass on to my children. My mistakes and errors if used for growth will hopefully manifest one day as wisdom. But on the other hand there are times where I just feel like I’m missing out and that I’ve missed so much of these first few months that I can never get back. I guess that’s just part of being a parent. So many rich conflicting emotions, so much love, all coupled with insane amounts gratitude. But at the end of the day, when I see that smile, and look into those big brown eyes framed by those eyebrows that seem to never end- it all melts away and what I’m left with is hope. Hope that he along with his sister and all the other children coming into this world right now can show us all of us what the world could look like if we put our differences aside and just learned how to love. Happy four months my sweet Maxwell. You give me hope. #dearmaxwell

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Birthdays are always really emotional for me. I think I look at them as a marker for where I am in my life, but more importantly who I am. I’m pretty hard on myself… but I think its because every birthday I imagine myself standing before God and having my actions, intentions, and heart examined for purity. Did I improve as a human in the last year? Where could I have done better? Yeah...It might seem harsh, but I really believe this is an important practice (at least for me) and I can tell you the only reason I have any sort of spiritual awareness or faith is because of my mom. My mom taught me that every decision or choice i make in my life is between me and God. That this life is a workshop for the next. That our hearts and souls are what we need to grow. That pain is a blessing and helps us develop and the only being I am accountable to is God. My mom sacrificed so much for me, and I was NOT an easy child… Nor am I am easy adult. Despite what Social Media tells you… I am stubborn, emotional, can be pretty intense. I can force my views or opinion on the others when I feel really convicted (even if it’s wrong) and i don’t always listen. My mom is my mirror and reflects so much of me back to me when we’re together and I’m so grateful for her and everything she taught me and continues to teach me. So while today it may seem like the world is celebrating me… they should really be celebrating her. She’s the one who went through 35 hours of labor to bring me into this world. She’s the one who fed me multiple times a day from her body from almost two years. She is the one that made sure that I had every opportunity in life to succeed not materially but spiritually. I was given life by a woman, and today that woman deserves every single bit of attention and praise that I’m getting. So happy birthday mommy, I am forever grateful for you and your sacrifice and your love and your effort to make me the man that I am. I’m so sorry for all the pain I caused as a young boy and teenager and im sure even continue to cause you at times as an adult. I love you more than you could ever imagine @sharonsbaldoni. You will always be my first teacher.

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My happy place. #dearmaiya #dearmaxwell

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It started four years ago with a dream. A dream to help a group of (often times )forgotten souls to feel seen, heard, and loved. There’s nothing more painful then waking up every day and feeling invisible. That society doesn’t want you or need you. That you don’t have hope. That’s why I started the @skidrowcarnivaloflove. Now, every year, we try to shine a light on one of the darkest areas of America that just so happens to be in my backyard. For four hours, on Sat the 27th- there will be no us or them. No rich or poor. No sick or healthy. There will just a group of human beings- loving each other and seeing each other for who they really are. We believe the 54,000 people who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles every night still have so much to contribute. None of us are impervious to the trials and tribulations of this world, we are all suffering to a certain extent, and there’s nothing more beautiful then coming together and loving someone despite their circumstance. Please watch this gorgeous video that gives you a one minute look into our Carnival. And check out the website (link in my bio) for ways to get involved. In 2018- we want to bring the Carnival to a city near you. #Weloveyouskidrow #homelessnothopeless #lovearmy (Directed by @wayfarerla’s @farhoudmeybodi w/ @jessiemclachlan )