Justin Baldoni

It’s not everyday you get to have dinner in your backyard and talk about your insecurities with a living legend. This was such an incredible night. Thank you @spiderandersonsilva for believing in @WeAreManEnough and joining the conversation. Check out our newest episode on body image! (link in bio) Tag a friend below to spread the word! #ManEnough Made possible by @Harrys

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2018.01.12. 19:23



2018.01.16. 00:48
I love this format of conversation, such a brilliant message


2018.01.16. 00:51
Very cool!


2018.01.16. 02:48
🐐G.O.A.T. Would've loved to see a Jon Jones vs. Silva fight. Great work on doing this series


2018.01.16. 05:09
@nnneeddaa @jaleh_91 @313cat love it! ❤️❤️❤️ I could picture us doing this


2018.01.16. 05:18
@lailad23 yes! It’s perfect


2018.01.16. 05:21
@lailad23 im so excited 🙏🏼❤️


2018.01.16. 05:51


2018.01.16. 05:57
@leslie_taveras yasss!


2018.01.16. 07:35
@lailad23 so simple but dope


2018.01.17. 00:25
@justinbaldoni you should invite Terry Crews on your next episode!!


2018.01.17. 01:04
I love this!! Men uplifting men and being vulnerable is so important


2018.01.17. 07:23
@justinbaldoni The work you have put on is phenomenal. The world is changing every single and thanks to you


2018.01.17. 21:11


2018.01.17. 21:11
@dg96pupu can something be done ? At least raise a voice


2018.01.18. 01:01
I love this show!!!!


2018.01.18. 02:36
I believe that we all have a physical attractiveness about us. But the most attractive attribute a person can have is their personality and their spirit. When a person is kind, giving, loyal, uplifting, positive and shows love through their actions, nothing can dim the beauty that shines from within. You are a physically attractive man @justinbaldoni, but i believe that your beautiful spirit is the most attractive thing about you. I hope nothing ever changes that spirit. Our bodies will get old, but our spirits remain until we die. Thank you for doing all you do to help others.


2018.01.18. 04:12
Listening to your ted talk on "Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" it spoke great measures to me Upon masculinity and Feminine. I appreciate you Justin keep up the Great Work 💯💯💯💯🏆


2018.01.18. 06:18
Thank you, Justin for captioning your video. I want to say you are an inspiration. It means a lot that you speak up. We need lot of men like you. Keep it up! Do you have brother that I can date? Haha.. #wearemanenough


2018.01.18. 17:43
Thank you for putting this content out. I myself struggle in silence with so many things you touched on in these episodes. From your ted talk to this, I am starting to re educate myself of what man hood is and how it truly should be. It’s not an overnight process but seeing that your journey is just as tough and your open to sharing it, helps in my growth thank you and keep going we need a new wave of man and looking forward to more episodes. @justinbaldoni #manenough @wearemanenough


2018.01.18. 23:35
I just watched your Ted Talk from November @justinbaldoni and was really inspired. But I think you left out one really important part in it: You left out all the women that treat men differently if they show certain feelings. So I don't think that this is an insecurity that only the male community is at fault for. There are plenty of women that have to stop judging men for showing more "feminin" sides.


2018.01.20. 02:25
Vc é tão lindo. O Brasil te ama já


2018.01.20. 04:49


2018.01.20. 05:29
I’m literally watching it as I type this (it’s paused, of course). @justinbaldoni .....THIS!!!!!! ALL OF THIS!!!!! MORE OF THIS!!!! 💙


2018.01.20. 14:10
@_kladz I think you’d like his page


2018.01.20. 23:45
Yaaaassssss... my fully out loud response. This is what we need!


2018.01.22. 18:07


2018.01.24. 02:06


2018.01.24. 22:37
YESSS. I love this 🙌🏽


2018.01.25. 00:58
@justinbaldoni factsssss!!! I would to chat with you about this as well brother 🙌🏾💯😊


2018.01.25. 19:37


2018.01.25. 21:38


2018.01.26. 02:52


2018.01.26. 03:17
@ask4lola thx 🙂


2018.01.26. 06:50
@j_f_fraser and thisss. This show.


2018.01.29. 21:00


2018.02.03. 02:17
@justinbaldoni thank you for using your platform to talk about this. You are changing the world one soul at a time . Mad respect for you. You have inspired me to keep being myself! 😎🤓🙏


2018.02.06. 01:10
Hi! So I just saw your ted talk on being “man enough” because I am working on a project for english on homophobia. I had to choose a specific question I had about this topic and mine was “why do men tend to be more homophobic than women?” My teacher told me I could find some good sources by looking up “toxic masculinity.” Your video came up and you were definitely right on what I was looking for.


2018.02.06. 01:11
now for extra credit, we can interview someone on this topic and i think you would be a really good choice…


2018.02.06. 01:11
please let me know what you rhink


2018.02.18. 19:48
I love you @justinbaldoni and I am man enough to say that! I LOVE YOU



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