Photo by @stylohotmilo Twenty-four-year-old Jasmine Tan (@stylohotmilo) is a Singaporean design researcher and self-described foodie. “I love our multiracial demographic because that means there’s always so much to observe, listen and appreciate from the people and spaces around me,” she says. “And of course, we get such a crazy variety of food.” Jasmine always loved going out to eat — Korean kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew), Japanese ramen and Singapore’s bak kut teh (pork rib soup) are some of her favorites — but she started cooking at home out of necessity. “My house is located in the extreme west of Singapore so I don’t get a lot of food choices, and as a foodie that really annoyed me,” she explains. She’s taken on lots of recipes in her kitchen, but still loves heading out for special meals. “Living in Singapore means that there’s always more food and more experiences waiting for you as long as you’re ready to try!” On our story, Jasmine is taking us on a Singapore food tour. Tune in to check it out.

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🤗 awesome


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Looks yummy 💪🙌


2018.01.19. 08:14
looks so ogoooooooooooooooooooood!


2018.01.19. 08:59
Looks delish! X


2018.01.19. 09:13
Say kimchi 😁


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2018.01.19. 09:27
I can eat this food.


2018.01.19. 09:40
I wanna try this🤤💜


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2018.01.19. 10:08
Hey guys check out my YouTube channel in my bio please ! Thank you 😊


2018.01.19. 10:21
سوشی می خوری


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Enak n lezat.


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@gull_naza ginkmm bana gian dllm eshee zrwrm peta jwabb ginkmm aw dirct bkawa


2018.01.19. 17:26
Jeg har Været der flere gange super godt jeg savner varmen


2018.01.19. 17:48
Kimchi for breakfast ?


2018.01.19. 17:50
I lovvvveeeeee


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