Photo by @piggypoo_and_crew Hello, world! It’s time to meet the five rescue pups and the Vietnamese potbellied pig who make up @piggypoo_and_crew. From left to right, there’s Rika, Slick, Nya, James, Bashe and Chowder. “When I look at my crew, I see the reflection of who I am in them,” says their human Shelby, who lives in Southern California. “Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and I will never ever let them down.” Love #WeeklyFluff? Follow the hashtag to stay connected to the community.

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2017.12.14. 23:11



2018.01.15. 15:38


2018.01.15. 16:41
Прикольная и милая очень люблю собак меня зовут Настя мне восемь лет но кабанчик было немного толстоват поэтому не очень подошел следующий раз разбираете получше я сижу часто в Instagram и буду смотреть каждый ваши фотки видео так что отправляйте каждый день я буду просматривать каждый день поста раз и буду лайкать и буду писать ладно комментарии пока пока


2018.01.15. 16:44
Я тоже собачка


2018.01.15. 17:29


2018.01.15. 20:23
very nice .. would be glad if you visit my profile


2018.01.15. 20:23
very nice .. would be glad if you visit my profile


2018.01.15. 20:44


2018.01.15. 20:54
The pig is my sis


2018.01.15. 22:09
Family is the best


2018.01.15. 22:14
السلام عليكم


2018.01.16. 09:05
Ha ha


2018.01.16. 11:20
Ha ha ha


2018.01.16. 11:56


2018.01.16. 12:22
La amistad♡


2018.01.16. 14:37
Man them ,squad is ready what you gonna do hahaha


2018.01.16. 18:02
Somebody is imtrud


2018.01.16. 18:03
@guajardochuck ah it spelled out wrong, meant out of place


2018.01.16. 19:37
Ew is the pig a girl that is pregnant


2018.01.16. 19:56
That pig is more famose then i am


2018.01.16. 20:06


2018.01.16. 20:46


2018.01.16. 21:59
@carla._.brewer04 the pig is u 😂😂😭


2018.01.16. 22:11
@kxlaudiaxx oh wow 😂


2018.01.16. 22:37
Love the pig🐷


2018.01.16. 23:26
Nice pix


2018.01.17. 07:46


2018.01.17. 07:46
I like pig


2018.01.17. 07:52
Eb sagdaki sey degilmi ya😂@ceyda_taybuga


2018.01.17. 08:52
The pig is woow


2018.01.17. 09:16
Pig: "Why can't I be in your gang boys?" Dogs: "You're not man's best friend, you can't retrieve sticks, you don't know how to bark AND you don't sniff other's behinds."


2018.01.17. 16:33


2018.01.17. 16:50
É sempre assim . O porco na frente e os cachorros atrás !


2018.01.17. 17:08
Love your Shepard's. I have a white one and a sample one..


2018.01.17. 17:31


2018.01.17. 19:50


2018.01.17. 20:49
Nosotros en la pastelería amiguita obvio yo soy el puerco @aronsburke


2018.01.17. 22:12
I have a shortcut to this image, it doesent matter if Ive seen it a thousand times, I get just as happy every time I see it =)


2018.01.18. 03:06


2018.01.18. 06:23
Know that's a Pack



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