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I am. You are. We are. Man Enough @wearemanenough + @harrys Get ready! Episode one is released tomorrow only on wearemanenough.com

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2017.12.13. 23:32



2017.12.14. 06:06
Love the voice you give to men 👏👏


2017.12.14. 06:07
@gillian.rileyy Happy Birthday! 🎉


2017.12.14. 06:14


2017.12.14. 07:16
So happy for you!!❤


2017.12.14. 08:23
Amazing. Can’t wait!


2017.12.14. 08:39
Loveee you❤❤❤💔💔💔


2017.12.14. 08:57


2017.12.14. 09:50
This is going to be EPIC! Life changing! I'm sure of it. Well done you @justinbaldoni Will it be a bit early for my 14 year old son? 🙄


2017.12.14. 09:51
Such happyface - lovely emotionell pic🙌🏻🙏🏻🎈


2017.12.14. 12:52
@evelynevenneman WINNIE TE BISHHHH yeeeeeyyy


2017.12.14. 13:18
This is amazing


2017.12.14. 13:27
@justinbaldoni fangirling so hard agh


2017.12.14. 13:45
What a gift is to be your fan! I can't wait to hear what you have to say


2017.12.14. 16:44
I am so excited for this bc your TED talk was on point!! .. my husband is as sensitive as they come, but I still think this will be great for us to watch together bc are raising two young boys. 💙💙


2017.12.14. 19:53


2017.12.14. 20:34
Male feminists are what the world needs more of


2017.12.15. 01:47
Beautiful. If you haven't found them already...the work of David Deida and his student John Wineland speaks to this so deeply.


2017.12.15. 01:58


2017.12.15. 02:28
Hey Justin, I'm a transgender man who wants to thank you for your bold approach to redefining masculinity. It's time for change in the way men view vulnerability. Men deserve quality meaningful relationships with other men in which they don't need hide any parts of themselves. Your new show is amazing! Congratulations.


2017.12.15. 05:28
@aaronlesterftm 🙏🏼❤️


2017.12.15. 05:57
@justinbaldoni you are totally handsome ☺️👍🏾


2017.12.15. 06:19


2017.12.15. 10:29
I love what you are doing so much. As a woman, i now understand everything! Please read the messages i sent you on DM's.


2017.12.15. 14:46
You are amazing. Thankful for what you are doing for woman!


2017.12.15. 23:19
Justin / bravo brother. Let’s create a solid and safe future for the youth and show the world how to be a real man !


2017.12.16. 04:33
I see the episode it's really really good and at the same time I felt bad for the men ,and you and the other guys talk about this issue it may could be the beginning of something good work 👏👏


2017.12.16. 06:32


2017.12.16. 20:29
Inspiration ❤️


2017.12.17. 22:53


2017.12.17. 22:53
Ur acc amazing


2017.12.19. 05:37
Yes! Thank you Justin for being THAT GUY and making a change that will be revolutionary. It was so great hearing you speak about this project at I am that girl and I’m so excited to finally see it in action!!!


2017.12.19. 20:17
Caption made me think of ANT Farm lmaoo


2017.12.20. 08:23
Can we only watch the show on the website for now?


2017.12.21. 16:59
Love you!! You're a LEGEND❤❤


2017.12.21. 22:32
I’ve just watched the first episode of your show and I am speechless about how great it is. Thank you so much for actually talking about it. I had the strong need to leave some feedback and tell you how thrilled I am. Keep up the good work!


2017.12.22. 05:24
THANK YOU for using your platform to educate and provide understanding into what it is to be a man in a world where it’s sooo easy to conform. I love seeing a group of genuine guys get together and break down walls, stigmas and stereotypes as it is a step towards an integral society! You are amazing, don’t stop doing what you’re doing 💗💗💗💗


2017.12.22. 05:50
@henriques.mariana yep!


2017.12.22. 05:51
@kat1uschka thank you so much! These comments mean the world to me. 🙏🏼❤️


2017.12.22. 05:51
@zachmlee 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


2017.12.23. 07:30
The cutest :grinning:



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