Justin Baldoni

I am. You are. We are. Man Enough @wearemanenough + @harrys Get ready! Episode one is released tomorrow only on wearemanenough.com

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2017.12.13. 23:31



2017.12.13. 23:32


2017.12.13. 23:32
@rachbrack11 he should follow us 😂❤️


2017.12.13. 23:36
Ahhh so excited!!


2017.12.13. 23:37
You’re amazing!! Keep doing what you’re doing, thanks for using your fame for spreading the word about masculinity and what it means to be “man enough”. 👏🧡


2017.12.13. 23:38
@justinbaldoni i dont see time it


2017.12.13. 23:48
@mattmcgorry @justinbaldoni Really looking forward to hearing an open, honest discussion on how to bring #heForShe to life 🙏🏼


2017.12.13. 23:58
@palepsss let’s watch


2017.12.13. 23:58
@palepsss let’s watch


2017.12.13. 23:59
Is that the back of @derekhough’s head?😂😂 Excited to see the show


2017.12.14. 02:16
Same @isha.kambalapally


2017.12.14. 08:45
so much love for this and so much love for you


2017.12.14. 12:50
@justinbaldoni i honestly cant wait i love u so much u r such an inspiration to everyone and i hope u know that and feel proud about it because u dont just show the perfect side of things but u show the tiring things aswell💚


2017.12.15. 00:51
It's so amazing @justinbaldoni!!! Watching with my partner now. Congrats! Well done!


2017.12.17. 02:42
Very sweet :)


2017.12.22. 11:22
The cutest :grinning:



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Good morning. I know it can be hard. I know it can be heavy. But try to let any and all negativity pass you by today. Just try. Make today about love and make the conscious choice to focus on the good. Hear it. See it. Be it. We got this! “Happiness is not a limited resource” - Christopher Aiff #dearmaxwell

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This. Was. Everything. I loved spending the last few days with my dad @sambaldoni. I want to be really mindful about creating experiences with my parents this year. They say that being a parent is the only time you feel nostalgia for the present, but for every year that goes by I’m finding that to be true for being a son as well. I feel like I missed so much of who my parents are as people and their lives because I’ve been so focused on building mine. But I’m now really excited to go deep, spend some time with them, and really get to know the people that made me who I am (baggage and all) in a brand new way. If your lucky enough to have your parents still around... even if it’s uncomfortable or your relationship is rocky. Don’t wait to fix it. Don’t wait for them to call you and apologize. Call them and tell them you love them. Just do it. There’s no pride or ego in love. There’s just love.

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Love this so much. A big thank you to my soul brother @prince_ea for joining the conversation and sharing his thoughts on flexibility and the importance of going with the flow. Check out the first two episodes of @wearemanenough made possible by my good friends @harrys!!! Tag a man in your life who gets it! A brand new episode drops tomorrow! #manenough (link in bio) #harrys

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