Video by @annettelabedzki Starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on Instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #asmr. Once Canadian artist Annette Labedzki (@annettelabedzki) learned there was a community of people mixing paint for sensory effects, she wasted no time. “My first video was late at night, I used wax paper, I had my pajamas on,” she says. Through #asmr (autonomous sensory meridian response), Annette, who has painted full time for 30 years, found new ways to be inspired by the materials she’s always worked with. “There was a point where I had mixed every color combo that I could possibly think of. And one night I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I poured paint into one of those molds and froze it?’ I’ve never had so much fun in my life!” Whether she’s crushing frozen paint, adding glitter to a mix or creating on a miniature canvas, Annette loves how sharing her videos opens up a dialogue with others. “I listen to what they write, and then I go from there.”

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2017.12.12. 19:04



2018.01.11. 13:43
What's that supposed to be


2018.01.11. 13:44
Aku suka kucing nama ku najib aku suka banget kucing


2018.01.11. 17:27


2018.01.11. 23:39
Guaao que belllo


2018.01.12. 00:41


2018.01.12. 01:29


2018.01.12. 01:29


2018.01.12. 12:10


2018.01.12. 14:48


2018.01.12. 17:55
Its nice but wat is it😕😕😕


2018.01.12. 21:59
Че это ?


2018.01.12. 23:36
Soo cool


2018.01.13. 07:08


2018.01.13. 14:44
That's cool


2018.01.13. 19:43
gt karsilikli foto begen

2018.01.13. 22:18
Wow!I'm transfixed..U R just what unicorn Lady needs.I need you too like a daily fix !lol...


2018.01.13. 23:24
Why are u said regret send me do that way.


2018.01.13. 23:32


2018.01.14. 14:28


2018.01.14. 15:07


2018.01.14. 15:47


2018.01.14. 19:57
Es eslime


2018.01.14. 20:16
@mina._.hdy behtariiinii😘


2018.01.14. 21:46
Satisfying noises


2018.01.14. 22:32


2018.01.14. 23:25
What were those


2018.01.15. 11:28
Что это


2018.01.16. 04:17


2018.01.16. 15:00
Fowllo plz


2018.01.16. 19:39


2018.01.16. 22:19
soo cool


2018.01.17. 09:55
Love 💕 💕💕


2018.01.17. 11:17


2018.01.17. 15:14

2018.01.17. 16:43
واو جاست واو..


2018.01.17. 19:03


2018.01.17. 19:03
Thi? L


2018.01.18. 00:09


2018.01.18. 04:11
Wow btful



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