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It’s so easy to get lost and forget to spend meaningful time with your partner- especially when you have children. This week we realized that in the hurricane that has been our lives- we had forgotten to allow ourselves the calm of sitting together in the eye of the storm, to pray and just talk the way that we used to (which by the way is very normal when you add a second child your life). So last night we dropped off Maiya at nana and papa‘s, got a full eight hours sleep, woke up made coffee and sat on the front porch and just sat and prayed together. Nothing brings us closer than prayer and real conversation about something other than work or our children. I really believe that all relationships ( especially marriage ) need both the sun and water to grow. For us the sun is God, and water is quality time. If you really love something or someone- don’t forget to water it today. #marriage #love #bahai

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My husband and I are in a season that needs both a little more water and a little more sun. Thank you for the reminder! May God continue to bless your little family @justinbaldoni @emilybaldoni


2017.12.18. 03:07
@korynowak you should follow this guy


2017.12.18. 11:19
@ayahlx look the book


2017.12.18. 11:20
@7alalala I looked up the entire faith it’s not what u think😂


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@xdaniellechua so cutee


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@melanienm_12 dream man


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Praise to this! My sister and I live together and we don't have kids and are basically in a sister marriage lol. Well, we love each other and we are very spiritual so thank you for the reminder to take the time and make the time to focus and pray with the Divine , much love


2017.12.18. 21:43
I admire you and your relationship!!!


2017.12.18. 23:57
@chelsea.joy.allen do you know this beautiful soul?


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I really want u to read this. @samishah4810


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@ollie0324 read this please


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Love it, amazing! 😍


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So True..Thank you👌💖


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@s_woodward3 tonight 🙌🏼


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@nr_woodward ❤️


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The cutest :grinning:


2017.12.26. 06:16
Ok I swear I never notice his wife was in chapter twenty three... even though it may be my sixth time watching the series 😛😬


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You guys seriously inspire me so much!! @justinbaldoni


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Love this!


2018.01.01. 01:06
DANI @danielle.teichrib read his captions dude. Ho.ly.shit.


2018.01.01. 01:07
@faith_teichrib holy crap !!!


2018.01.01. 01:33
@danielle.teichrib RIGHT?!


2018.01.01. 01:34
@danielle.teichrib it’s like Zen Rafael in real life


2018.01.03. 22:14
Would love to feature you two. Please let me know if you’re interested 💕


2018.01.04. 19:46
I like quranic islam (quranism, qurane alone islam), it is clear and straight.✨🌿 and most of course i love God


2018.01.05. 22:58
I totally needed this today. Thank you!


2018.01.06. 07:58
@daianasaracu tipul asta.. gen eu nu pot il vreau


2018.01.07. 04:56
Unity, Justice, Equality, Peace, Tolerance, Community ✊🏼


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@kelsey.thabes if this is not perf


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Vou lembrar desse post em uns meses, amorzinho, @kekovb 😍😘😘😘😘😘


2018.01.20. 21:26
I’m so interested in the faith you both follow. What can I get my hands on to learn more? The one you’re reading? @justinbaldoni @emilybaldoni


2018.01.25. 14:16
I love that u both do that, it's sooo important to make time for ur partner even if it's just to have a cup if coffee and praying together is the most important thing to because our Lord Jesus is the center of our lifes.my husband and I love u both. God bless u


2018.02.03. 09:01
Love this... Absolutely.


2018.02.16. 23:38
@thevichid I luv u 💕


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