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I am back in New York City to attend events at the @PaulNicklenGallery on Dec 9th and 10th. Please contact them for questions regarding events, prices and prints. This print is available in open edition at a holiday-friendly price, with partial proceeds going to @Sea_Legacy. I will be signing these prints—as well as copies of my books. Both @CristinaMittermeier and I will be there for the weekend, so make sure not to miss us.

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2017.12.08. 00:06



2017.12.11. 01:28


2017.12.11. 04:05
So cute!


2017.12.11. 13:41
Beautiful 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️


2017.12.11. 14:23


2017.12.11. 17:32


2017.12.11. 19:01
Very nice


2017.12.11. 20:43
The polar bear man @the_highland_pixie


2017.12.11. 20:54
Ping @mikkoholler


2017.12.11. 21:10
@eilidh.e.mitchell thank you, I'll follow him too Xx


2017.12.12. 00:24
Your gallery is wonderful. Visited last weekend

2017.12.12. 04:15


2017.12.12. 20:55
@lisadujon je veux celui du milieu


2017.12.12. 21:29
@mathildeqrs mdr ce n’est plus un chien à ce noceau


2017.12.12. 22:56


2017.12.12. 23:22
@smile.katja guck guck 🙉


2017.12.13. 03:00
@paulnicklen I love this and would love to buy a print/ donate. Your polar bear video deeply touched me. How do I purchase this print? Thank you!!


2017.12.13. 06:43
@emmaasheldon goals


2017.12.13. 07:09
@niklas4.1 na Hallo mein kleiner 😁


2017.12.13. 07:14
@smile.katja ja hallo 👋🏼


2017.12.13. 11:13


2017.12.13. 11:50
@gracegirl_02 and your love of polar bears


2017.12.14. 04:55
@_rbaker can’t remember if I tagged u already but ❤️❤️❤️


2017.12.14. 15:03


2017.12.14. 18:44
@van.elisbao olha que fofineos


2017.12.14. 18:56
@etre_amor oohh nenéns😍


2017.12.16. 10:17
sweet 👏👏👏


2017.12.18. 16:49


2017.12.18. 17:52
Just love your Polar Bear photos. Amazing gallery


2017.12.19. 09:56


2017.12.20. 21:52
@usmanovandrew этот медведь стар а не голоден


2017.12.21. 06:45
@paulnicklen @paulnicklengallery not to be a nag, but I’ve noticed quite a few other people would like to know how to get this print. Could you please respond and let us know? I am eager to donate an support your cause. Please let me know how to purchase this print. Thank you!!


2018.01.07. 22:15
Ricambio 😉 @martilana_


2018.01.27. 20:10
@johnnyfabbs look how beautiful


2018.01.27. 20:17
@mianoella They are so beautiful baby


2018.02.08. 20:47
@rayman159 I love this pic!!!


2018.02.11. 20:36
@jessie_fung18 wb this smile


2018.02.12. 15:52
@andrewcwong 😱😱 pre sure this is irl Huddleston



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