Photo by @arnoldstaffzenegger Hello, world! It’s time to meet our #WeeklyFluff: the cleverly named Arnold Staffzenegger (@arnoldstaffzenegger), a Staffordshire bull terrier hailing from snowy Oslo, Norway. Though he’s only 1 ½ years old, Arnold is not only strong like his namesake, but incredibly patient, posing for his family in all manner of outfits. Follow @arnoldstaffzenegger to keep up with this pup’s evolving style.

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2017.12.07. 23:12



2017.12.15. 21:52


2017.12.15. 21:53


2017.12.15. 23:05
It so so cute


2017.12.15. 23:15
И что


2017.12.15. 23:20


2017.12.15. 23:46
Follow me


2017.12.16. 02:01


2017.12.16. 02:01


2017.12.16. 03:50


2017.12.16. 04:26
bring back ig @/sparklesoap_na that's my acc but got hack and the hackers sell it


2017.12.16. 04:27
i felt so sad 😢


2017.12.16. 05:18


2017.12.16. 05:33


2017.12.16. 06:19
Ternurita encanto


2017.12.16. 09:06


2017.12.16. 09:23
Как человек


2017.12.16. 09:42


2017.12.16. 10:42


2017.12.16. 10:42


2017.12.16. 11:47
Jmhuu it y,


2017.12.16. 12:12
@couples_hapiness follow my page


2017.12.16. 12:34


2017.12.16. 12:37


2017.12.16. 12:58
Hello Little Boy 🐕


2017.12.16. 13:02


2017.12.16. 13:04
Lucu banget


2017.12.16. 13:20


2017.12.16. 13:20


2017.12.16. 13:44


2017.12.16. 14:25
@jaz.capristo no tengo mi cel y no puedo hablar por priv mañana te hablo


2017.12.16. 14:29
Så fin hund jag har okså tre hundar


2017.12.16. 15:23


2017.12.16. 17:00


2017.12.16. 18:05



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