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The dance we do when we speak about climate change is exhausting. Some people will simply never believe, despite irrefutable scientific evidence, bizarre weather events, and unprecedented natural disasters. So, as we head into holidays—where many of us will find ourselves debating with loved ones about important topics like climate change—do yourself a favour and search “global temperatures over the past 100 years.” Find one of the innumerable graphs and studies that show the consistent rise in temperature, download it to your phone, and share it with deniers. Most importantly, do not fight with these people. Kill them with kindness, intelligence, patience and empathy. The climate change crisis is urgent and important, but we must treat each other with respect.

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@iam._.randall treating people with kindness and respect would be a beneficial approach no matter which side of any issue you are on.


2017.12.12. 05:15
@rnas61 that is true, but China does have significantly more pollution than the United States overall because they have 4 times as many people packed into a country that is almost equal in total land mass. Also, just wait 10-20 years until every family in China has an SUV hauling their one child to soccer practice every day.


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@anniemmerson I grew up in rural America and moved back to rural America as an adult. I am not a vegetarian. We raise chickens for eggs and get about a quarter of beef from my father-in-law who is a free range cattle rancher every winter. I understand that every time I eat meat a living creature had to die and I am grateful and understanding. However, even I am appalled at industrial animal agriculture practices here in the US. I think everyone should be shown the process from living creature to store shelves and then make the determination whether they are okay with that. Avoiding meat in the grocery store is my way of saying no to these horrific practices.


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I think you’re wrong but u take dope pictures


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So cool


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They are just amazing!


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@paulnicklen You are such an inspiration. As a college student studying environmental science I find so much encouragement in your work and I greatly admire all that you do. Thank you so much for your never-ending advocacy and wise words.


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@paulnicklen thank you for posting this. 👍🏼 #smallwaves #makeadifference


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Very well said.


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Thank you!!!


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@rnas61 The United States is the second biggest carbon-dioxide polluter after China, according to the latest data available from the World Bank.


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🖒very nice photo


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Beautiful photo and great advice 👍 thank you!🙏


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Thank you for all that you do to raise awareness and bring the reality through your images to us❤ I'm sure to witness it firsthand is very difficult at times.


2017.12.13. 07:44
I think you should haves ended it with just “kill them”


2017.12.13. 09:30
@jesssicanicolle :(


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So wise and so true. Thank you for all that you do and your huge heart. 🙏🏻♥️


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We should do an Antarctic trip instead of safari next year @itssanticlavijo


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Beautiful !


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Knowledge and kindness are a great combination


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Great caption! 👍👍😀


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