#ChooseYourResolution Day 5 is any #armbalance and duh, I chose #crowpose! . If you’ve followed along on my journey for a while, you’ve probably seen me post a #longcrowhold2017 with the #crowfessionals. We are simply a group of yogis who have committed to doing a weekly crow hold to build up our strength to one day be able to float up to Handstand. . At one point I could hold it for two minutes, but with my finicky left wrist, I’ve backed off of my arm balance practice...that is until I recently discovered that I have no pain using #parallettes! So now, it’s time for me to ramp up my practice again!! . You’re all welcome to join in! Simply hold a crow pose for as long as you comfortably can and post it on Sundays with the two hashtags: crowfessionals and longcrowhold2017. (We will change it to 2018 on the 1st) With bent arms, it’s easier to hold longer and with straight arms it’s harder...so don’t get fixated on the time, just make sure you work hard. You choose what you’d like to work, #bakasana or #kakasana, or both. I’ll share a video soon of how to work towards the press up to handstand too. . Your Lovely Hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . Generous Sponsors: @NUXactive @onzie (my outfit) @mamarooyoga @yogapaws (my grip) @omgoddess.clothing . Here’s the list we are working from: . Day 1) Standing Balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend ✔️ Day 3) Forward Fold ✔️ Day 4) Hip Opener ✔️ Day 5) Arm Balance ✔️ Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice . #yogachallenge #wearyourmat #igyoga #instayoga #bakasana #poolyoga #shennanigans

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2017.12.05. 02:42



2017.12.05. 15:19
@ leighyogipilot It is when I realised that through crow I can build up so much strength for my handstands that I started acknowledging it's magic :D So happy you found a way to practice pain free!!! And look at those straight arms! Fearless shinning beauty!


2017.12.05. 15:19
Now to include it more often in my practice!


2017.12.05. 15:21
Amazing woman!!! 😍


2017.12.05. 15:22
Amazing woman!! 😍😍😍


2017.12.05. 15:22
Amazing woman!! 😍😍😍


2017.12.05. 15:22
Amazing woman!! 😍😍😍


2017.12.05. 15:22
Wow!!! So strong!!!


2017.12.05. 15:32
Wow!!! So strong!!!


2017.12.05. 16:03
@leighyogipilot because of you, I crow on Sunday ☺


2017.12.05. 16:27


2017.12.05. 16:27


2017.12.05. 16:47


2017.12.05. 17:01
Omg this is so difficult! Can you join if you are not able to hold it at all? 😂 i need more strength! 💪🏼


2017.12.05. 17:36
So damn brave girl- Id be in that pool for sure!


2017.12.05. 18:45
This is so frickin cool!


2017.12.05. 19:07
Wow awesome


2017.12.05. 20:22
How awesome!! Might just have to join ya!


2017.12.05. 21:37
Omg I’d be so scared haha


2017.12.05. 22:14
Awesome STRONG


2017.12.05. 22:52
A w e s o m e


2017.12.05. 23:10


2017.12.06. 00:24
@flaviayogalicia YES!!! That’s why you join!!! Please do join us Love and we will all build strength together!!!!❤️👏🙏😘


2017.12.06. 00:25
@lindsaytunkel That’s so cool!!! Love it Babe!!!


2017.12.06. 00:25
@nada_adoration That would be awesome!!! Please do my Gorgeous, amazing new friend!!


2017.12.06. 05:01


2017.12.06. 05:44
Damn girl! So impressive!


2017.12.06. 10:54
Such an awesome hold!!!


2017.12.06. 12:26


2017.12.06. 16:05
Well done!


2017.12.06. 21:01
You’re so amazingly strong!!


2017.12.07. 06:25


2017.12.07. 18:36
I'm SO joining the #crowfessionals!!! Such a great idea! ❤


2017.12.07. 21:07
This is one pawsome use of props 🙏🙏❤️🐾


2017.12.08. 02:45
😱 you’re super strong 💪🏻😍


2017.12.08. 13:41


2017.12.08. 17:58
What kind of flow do you recommend to practice crow weekly? ❤


2017.12.08. 18:10
@tonosdemiranda Wrists are the most important part of warm up for crow. Check hashtag leighswristwarmup for some good ideas. And then a few sun salutations should get everything warm and ready for your crow. The more core you can engage, the lighter you will feel and less weight on your arms. So think about pulling in your core and finding strength while you do your crow. Use the block for your head but then try to start lifting your head once you feel stable. And then make sure to practice your crow, at least once per week, but twice is better. Join us on Sundays for the accountability!💖💖💖


2017.12.08. 18:14
@leighyogipilot YOU'RE THE BEST, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will practice it twice! And yesss!! I'm so ready to join the #crowfessionals! 😊 I'll begin in January, with your other hashtag too ( #longcrowhold2018)🌷✨


2018.01.29. 03:55
Hi.I very glad to see you.you are very very high energy and interested in nature.I when see your video ,very surprised.I hope all of the time to be successfully .bye


2018.01.29. 03:56
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