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At @sea_legacy, we are announcing new poster designs in collaboration with our talented members of The Collective: @andy_mann, @daisygilardini and @jodymacdonaldphoto. Swipe left to see a few fine art poster options by myself, and a beautiful photo by my friend Andy Mann. There is now only 48 hours left for guaranteed international shipping in time for Christmas. Be sure to order by midnight December 5th PST. Click the link in my bio for all the options, prices and sizes. #turningthetide

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2017.12.04. 19:41



2017.12.07. 05:32
Wow these images are so beautiful and vibrant.


2017.12.07. 05:45
Wow. Majestic!


2017.12.07. 09:28


2017.12.07. 11:36
@megtolley91 just like the one we seen


2017.12.07. 12:13
@hannahintheclouds ohhhh yeah exactly like it πŸ˜‘


2017.12.07. 12:26
@megtolley91 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


2017.12.07. 12:26
@megtolley91 🐳


2017.12.07. 13:56
@kira_dots27 more whales that aren’t in Kaikoura


2017.12.07. 19:14
I’m trying to find where these posters are for sale? I went to the link in your bio, but was directed to a $25.00 a month donation instead.


2017.12.07. 21:35


2017.12.07. 22:24
Where was this photo taken?


2017.12.07. 23:09
@hannahintheclouds πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘


2017.12.08. 11:09
Its wonder ful


2017.12.08. 12:56
Stunningly Beautiful


2017.12.08. 16:17


2017.12.08. 20:58


2017.12.09. 16:43
Wow really awesome


2017.12.09. 17:11
Oh jÀvlar😱


2017.12.09. 20:45
Hermosa foto...


2017.12.09. 22:18


2017.12.10. 00:20


2017.12.10. 01:53
Q miedo


2017.12.10. 20:50


2017.12.11. 02:50
So amazingly beautiful 😍


2017.12.12. 23:28


2017.12.26. 04:34
Superbly sublime


2017.12.28. 08:11


2017.12.29. 23:20


2017.12.30. 14:35
Amazing photos!


2017.12.30. 16:08
Where you sell this photos? Thanks


2018.01.08. 19:50


2018.01.08. 19:51
@jcdelara yes! Great!


2018.01.10. 16:31


2018.01.10. 22:11


2018.01.11. 08:44
This is so beautiful


2018.01.12. 17:23


2018.01.20. 05:53
@lysyee I haven't gone outside... I'm just snending you things and watching. You.



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