Photo by @soterografando No birds or planes in this Ponta de Humaitá sky. 😎 #TheWeekOnInstagram

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2017.12.03. 18:58



2017.12.14. 14:52


2017.12.14. 14:52


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2017.12.14. 16:29


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2017.12.14. 23:04
#dive #spirit


2017.12.15. 01:41
Where are ur wings


2017.12.15. 04:57


2017.12.15. 04:57


2017.12.15. 04:57


2017.12.15. 04:57
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2017.12.15. 04:57
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2017.12.15. 04:57
7$/,_ ....,+ #)%fvnf


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2017.12.15. 20:07


2017.12.15. 20:07


2017.12.15. 21:00
Amazing i like dat..


2017.12.15. 21:11
Der ist ja richtig mutig 😀😃


2017.12.15. 21:11


2017.12.15. 21:12


2017.12.15. 21:12


2017.12.15. 21:12
Salli an alli


2017.12.16. 03:05


2017.12.16. 15:48


2017.12.16. 15:50
Pub fake😂


2017.12.16. 16:06
Quando chegar ao chão vai ficar lindo


2017.12.16. 16:35
Crazy dude 🤩🤩🤩



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