So many of you chose #wheelpose for your #ChooseYourResolution #backbend pose to work on, so I wanted to share some of my favorite warm ups with you! . 1.) #leighsdoorwayshoulderstretch is fantastic and honestly it’s a game changer if you can remember to do it daily. . 2.) #PuppyPose is my daily in the shower stretch and is another game changer if practiced regularly. . 3.) If you don’t have a #yogawheel, get one. It’s the single best #yogaprop I’ve ever invested in and has done more for my backbend practice and spinal health than I can express to you. Code Leighemily will get you 10 bucks off a @yogaprowheel or you can sign up to be an ambassador yourself. But all the wheels are good...doesn’t matter what brand. . 4.) #hipflexorstretch is soooooo important for your wheel pose practice. Don’t skip it!!! Spend 10 breaths on each your edge. You are looking for stretch in quad and hip flexor....NOT pain in your knee. Back off if you feel pain. Use towels for comfort. . 5.) Be good to your wrists. Mine hurt, so I found if I put blocks at an angle between the floor and wall, then my wrists don’t have to bend as much. You can do this without a baseboard to prop them on, you just have to be careful...use a sticky mat. Work towards kissing the wall...pretend it’s your long lost Lover you haven’t seen in forever...😘🤣 . Do this whole routine as often as you can...and enjoy the rush as your back/chest starts opening, little by little, but never push through real pain. You can tell the difference between nudging at your edge and real pain that tells you injury is imminent. Be smart and listen to your body. . If I can do this, YOU can do this! I’ve had surgery on my right shoulder for a torn labrum, I’ve fractured two different vertebrae, and I have scoliosis. No excuses! You’ve got this! . If you don’t yet have blocks for your home practice, DM me and I’ll find you a discount for @yogahustle, the best blocks out there. . Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or other fabulous wheel pose preps that you want to share! ❤️❤️❤️ . #leighstutorials #leighswheelposetutorial #wheelposeprep #wheelposetutorial #yogatutorials @yoga.tutorials #re3 @re3life

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2017.12.02. 23:50



2017.12.03. 00:51
Such great drills....thankyou!!!


2017.12.03. 00:54 😘😘😘 That’s why we are taking BEFORE pics Babe!!! Let’s see it!😘😘😘 Hopefully you get some time for yourself today!!


2017.12.03. 01:07
I loooove this warm up so much! I use the door way drill all the time now! 😍💙💙

2017.12.03. 01:09
@leighyogipilot Truth!! This is a great challenge. Thanks so much!


2017.12.03. 01:12
Love these stretches thank you ❤️


2017.12.03. 01:48
I love all these drills! So yummy stretch only look these video ❤❤❤


2017.12.03. 02:00
This is so cool babe


2017.12.03. 02:41
Omg so awesome Leigh!! Such great tips!!! And I totally agree about the yoga prop!!!


2017.12.03. 03:00
YAS! Such a great reminder. Opening up the shoulders is what I️ need! Love all your tips! 💙🙏


2017.12.03. 03:06
Such a great way to stretch the shoulders


2017.12.03. 03:14
That heart is cracking wide open!


2017.12.03. 04:25
Thanks for the sharing Leigh !!! 🤗

2017.12.03. 04:31
Your wheel is so open!!!!


2017.12.03. 04:45
Love using the door to open my shoulders too


2017.12.03. 07:29
Such incredible openness


2017.12.03. 07:35
Ahh ha ha turning off the lights 🤣. Sooooo much goodness here!!! 🙌🙌🙌. You give my tight shoulders inspo!!!! ❤️


2017.12.03. 07:47
I agree with you 100% on the #yogawheel being the best prop! 🙌🙌🙌


2017.12.03. 08:07
These are so good! I’m in the middle of doing a heart opener challenge. Thanks for this 💕


2017.12.03. 08:13
Beautiful warm ups and love the way you popped right into wheel pose with the blocks angled against the wall ✌️💙🙏


2017.12.03. 08:14
Absolutely brilliant ❤️ I love #leighsdoorwayshoulderstretch I will definitely add it to my daily practice 🙏🏻 thank you so much ❤️


2017.12.03. 09:06
This is brilliant! Great tips! Thank you! I will give them all a go 💞😘


2017.12.03. 09:14
That first stretch looks intense


2017.12.03. 12:17
Oooo that doorframe one looks so yummy!

2017.12.03. 12:38
So freaking cute 😍😍😍 same pants here 💜


2017.12.03. 13:54
Thanks. You are always an inspiration for my practice


2017.12.03. 15:34
So many great stretches!


2017.12.03. 16:36
Love this video!


2017.12.03. 22:24
I dry and do all of these things. But privacy not often enough 😉 Progres is slow, but I will take any progress...


2017.12.03. 23:07


2017.12.03. 23:40
Fantastic instructions! Love it!


2017.12.04. 02:58
Love this!! Thank you!!👍💕


2017.12.04. 03:11
Beautiful flow


2017.12.04. 03:12
These are so helpful!!! Can’t wait to try


2017.12.04. 03:24
Loving these leggings!


2017.12.04. 14:41
I've never tried puppy pose. I need to start incorporating that one!


2017.12.04. 16:52
These are great!


2017.12.04. 20:18
@lvh114 I actually never did it till IG Yoga! 🤣 But it’s THE BEST!!!!


2017.12.06. 10:51
Love how you share your knowledge Leigh! You are the best! 💕😘💕


2017.12.10. 20:34
Great post 🙏


2018.01.04. 19:45
Great video!!!



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