Got to play under my favorite #avitar tree today with my favorite #igbestie, inspired by the omazing Miss @schunπŸ™Œ. . #WHPinspired Don’t forget to find some #magic this weekend and join me for #MagicAsanaMonday! Simply tag any photo that brings a smile to your face and reminds us all that there is magic in this beautiful world!βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨ It’s just for fun, to get our creative caps on! . Check out #MagicAsanaMonday for inspiration and you can see my personal magic gallery at #LeighsMAM. . #partnerpose #partneryoga #headstand #sirsasana #inspired

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2017.12.02. 08:39



2017.12.02. 16:11
Awww! Now you make me miss my 🌲! Beautiful twinning, ladiesπŸ’™πŸ’™


2017.12.02. 16:12
Wow where is this beautiful place?


2017.12.02. 16:15
Fantastic you two πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™!!!!


2017.12.02. 16:22
Wow wow. Super ladies. Loving the outfits and all of this


2017.12.02. 16:38
Well this is beyond magical looking 😍😍😍


2017.12.02. 16:46
πŸ’Ž ! Awesome! 😍


2017.12.02. 17:08
Beautiful ladies!!!


2017.12.02. 17:44
Loving this so much


2017.12.02. 18:00
So pretty!


2017.12.02. 18:42
Oh wow I love this! And the beautiful treeeee 😍


2017.12.02. 18:45
WOW this is such an incredible feast for the eyes ❀️


2017.12.02. 19:05
This is so magical! Love the outfits


2017.12.02. 19:44
Oh. My. Goodness. This is so epic! The pose, the outfits, that TREE! 😍😍😍


2017.12.02. 19:45
Love this 😍


2017.12.02. 19:59
Love that pop of light


2017.12.02. 20:07
Super magical babes! 😍


2017.12.02. 20:15
Such a beautiful pic


2017.12.02. 20:38
Look at this double trouble action!!


2017.12.02. 20:51
Awesome shot with @yoga_supqueen 😍❀️❀️😍


2017.12.02. 20:53
Oooh this is so good you two! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–


2017.12.02. 20:54
This is an amazing pose! You both nailed it


2017.12.02. 21:00
What a beautiful location, your two pose and an outfit! I love it


2017.12.02. 21:04
This is so beautiful!! Love everything about this 😍


2017.12.02. 21:04
What an awesome photo! 😍 I love how perfectly matched up you both are


2017.12.02. 21:06
Beautiful poses! 😍😍😍


2017.12.02. 21:22
That tree is beautiful as are you!


2017.12.02. 23:02
Oh wow


2017.12.03. 00:18


2017.12.03. 01:05
Aww! Love this so much! 😍❀️❀️


2017.12.03. 01:41
Yes this photo is amazing love it


2017.12.03. 02:49
Gorgeous, ladies!!


2017.12.03. 03:14
Loving those leggings on you ladies


2017.12.03. 13:11
Magnificent! ❀️❀️❀️


2017.12.03. 16:33
This is such a gorgeous photo!


2017.12.03. 23:37
Stunning twin poses!


2017.12.04. 03:09
You two 😍 i love this!


2017.12.04. 03:27
This is amaze balls!


2017.12.04. 20:16
Soooo magical!!!


2017.12.05. 08:48
Amazing shot with an Amazing background ☺


2017.12.15. 19:41



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