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Hello friends, we have been tackling a lot of heavy issues as of late across all of our social media channels. So, for a brief moment, let’s have a palette cleanser and focus on some beautiful pure white huskies photographed in Qaanaaq, Greenland. With that said, we are incredibly appreciative of the support that has been pouring in for @sea_legacy since #GivingTuesday. We have an ocean to save and you are helping make that happen. With so much #gratitude

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2017.12.01. 19:27



2017.12.17. 23:05
Wowwww.i enjoy of this photo


2017.12.19. 06:31


2017.12.22. 22:48


2017.12.23. 23:31
My Koda's family!!! @theoaktownhusky


2017.12.24. 05:37


2017.12.24. 10:55


2017.12.24. 21:03
Incredible work


2017.12.25. 20:29


2017.12.26. 19:50
😘 😍 no words to discribe


2017.12.27. 08:54
Very goodπŸ‘


2017.12.31. 00:08
@seattleminn20 Sodo's cousins ❀️


2017.12.31. 06:05
πŸ’– πŸ’•@jafarnejhade8 πŸ’•


2018.01.01. 21:00
Poor dogs


2018.01.02. 07:22


2018.01.02. 07:24
@lexieshallcross I want them


2018.01.02. 15:20
Amazing shot πŸ™Œ


2018.01.02. 15:55


2018.01.03. 15:51


2018.01.05. 23:03
Lovely πŸ’•


2018.01.13. 15:50


2018.01.17. 16:30
What make them stare at one side during play......


2018.01.18. 04:48
@dee_long our friend from big sky


2018.01.18. 04:53
@adventuretramp.22 , ahh yes you found him. Now where do I get one of my own ? πŸΆπŸ€”


2018.01.20. 03:10
Hey @kateriffe13 its luna


2018.01.20. 03:26
@hey_feliciaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍


2018.01.20. 14:36
@clairetweet68 nanny you would like this xx


2018.01.28. 02:17
So lean! Hard workers 😍 @rubieesandpearls


2018.02.02. 05:02


2018.02.02. 05:27
It looks like Micah from the neck down... including the nose @laur_harrison


2018.02.04. 00:14
Always a sucker for the Greenland Dogs.


2018.02.06. 05:28
Thank you from Greece


2018.02.10. 21:12
@drezza.lamonica descobri a famΓ­lia do Lucky ! SΓ£o da Nova ZelΓ’ndia


2018.02.11. 18:17


2018.02.11. 18:18
Are these definitely huskies? They look like our dog. Ours is an akita inu


2018.02.12. 02:44


2018.02.13. 07:50
@maxsinnock beautiful babe xx


2018.02.17. 21:40


2018.02.18. 16:37



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Happy #WorldWhaleDay. Killer whales are much more appropriately referred to as orcas and are not whales at all. In fact, they are the largest member of the dolphin family. Did you know that there has never been a recorded case of an orca killing a person in the wild and yet they are one of the most feared animals on this planet. We must change our perceptions of these beautiful, highly intelligent, gentle and vulnerable species. For those of you who expressed your desire to see the orcas of Norway protected from oil exploration, I thank you everyday. I am so excited that @sea_legacy is going back this November to continue on with this important campaign. With @goranehlme and @cristinamittermeier #gratitude #nature #naturelovers #adventureswithpurpose #conservation #underwater #instagood #picoftheday

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