I’m so excited for tomorrow’s Day One of #ChooseYourResolution! . Have you been inspired by all the #transformationtuesday pics going around? Well it’s time to make your own “before pics!” Join us!!! . Day one is any standing balance pose, so of course I had to choose #dancerpose with a #flipgrip as it’s been a goal pose of mine forever!! . One day I will do it with ease, but for now it’s still a struggle. I have actually touched my foot before and even one time got there without a strap, but my body doesn’t remember...🤣🤷‍♀️ For now, today, this is where my #journeytoflipgripdancer is. . So what’s my plan for progress? Well, I’ve been trying to do a #dailydancer this month with @allykborn and I try to do #juevesdancingshiva on Thursday’s with @yogayely, but I’m not always consistent...cuz it’s so dang hard! But guess what...? I can practice it every day gently...I don’t have to go to a crazy difficult edge. I just need to practice to my gentle comfort edge more often. That’s where the magic is. This is my gentle comfort edge today, and this was easy to practice. So let’s see what my gentle comfort edge looks like in a year from now... 👏👏👏 . I have shared both sides as well as a sped up video of my warm up. . Check out the flyer in my previous post for details. You are ALL invited to join! Don’t miss this one!!! You’ll kick yourself later when you see our progress pics and you didn’t do this with us!!! . Your Lovely Hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . Generous Sponsors: @NUXactive @onzie @mamarooyoga @yogapaws @omgoddess.clothing . Here’s the list we will be working from: . Day 1) Standing Balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice . #yogachallenge #natarajasana

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2017.12.01. 02:57



2017.12.01. 05:21
Nice work 💪


2017.12.01. 05:31
Yup! Doing mine right now!


2017.12.01. 05:31
Gorgeous babe!


2017.12.01. 05:53
A good reminder


2017.12.01. 06:30
@leighyogipilot I’m gonna try!


2017.12.01. 06:44
Lookin good! So inspiring to work on my dancer 💕


2017.12.01. 07:12
Yessssss!!!!! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻


2017.12.01. 07:35
Beautiful love 😍👍


2017.12.01. 07:42
Beautiful dancer, darling! Love love love! 😍💙💙


2017.12.01. 08:55
Absolutely stunning Leigh ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


2017.12.01. 09:17
So beautiful sis! 😍👌💗


2017.12.01. 09:49
I'm sure you will get there sooner than your know it. And that daily dancer idea sounds pretty neat. I'm doing a daily wheel currently. 🤔


2017.12.01. 10:39
Love the ideas of this challenge


2017.12.01. 12:06
Yessssssss! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


2017.12.01. 12:13
Super beautiful dancer 😍😍😍


2017.12.01. 12:47


2017.12.01. 12:56


2017.12.01. 13:50


2017.12.01. 14:12
Love this! ♥️♥️♥️🤸🏼‍♀️


2017.12.01. 14:40
Ah, yes, that is exactly what I want to work on - taking my comfortable edge further as there will be days when my body will feel insanely flexible and strong, but it is for the everyday transformation that I want to work on 😻 As I want my mind to be at its best every single day too ❤


2017.12.01. 17:55
Such a beautiful done dancer


2017.12.01. 17:59
Definitely doesn’t have to be intense every day! This is gorgeous!!! 💜💜💜


2017.12.01. 18:10
Gorgeous DANCER my Dear Friend 💜


2017.12.01. 18:12
Love your warm up --- Love your dancer 💃🏽


2017.12.01. 18:46
This is beautiful! 💛


2017.12.01. 19:10
Woah this is a fantastic dancer!


2017.12.01. 19:55


2017.12.01. 20:46
Love this!😍😍


2017.12.01. 22:08


2017.12.01. 22:33
Wow!!! Look at your incredible dancer 😍😍😍😍


2017.12.02. 04:12


2017.12.03. 22:22
so graceful dancer my dear! 😍😍😍😍


2017.12.04. 03:00
Looking good!


2017.12.04. 08:58
Beautiful Dancer you are! 💕✨🙌🏼


2017.12.06. 20:30
Amazing dancer love


2017.12.07. 07:22
The algorithm on IG now I haven't seen you for a while 😱


2017.12.07. 20:34


2017.12.08. 22:16



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