Zooey Miyoshi

The holiday season in LA = ice skating in 80℉ weather with @instagram and your favorite people from your favorite tv shows @madisonhu @olivia.rodrigo @nikkihahnactress @dancin_seabear @mayajadefrank ⛸☀️ #instaskate #playdateswithzooey

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2017.11.29. 16:59



2017.11.29. 17:02
Lie it


2017.11.29. 17:02
Love it I mean


2017.11.29. 17:08
@zooeyinthecity where’s the Morrissey shirt from?


2017.11.29. 17:27
@lowraw_2017 it’s from @babyteith ! They have adult size too!


2017.11.29. 18:41
Awwwwwww we’ve opened up a can of worms lol


2017.11.29. 18:42
Shes a natural:) thinking you might have to get her some skates😬


2017.11.29. 18:44
@rakelcocostylez they had the double blade ones and she basically walked around the rink tho 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol


2017.11.29. 19:25
:) 💕❄️


2017.11.29. 23:25
Cutest pic!


2017.11.30. 04:23


2017.11.30. 04:25


2017.12.01. 02:46
@jenniferhanhu wish you were there mama!


2017.12.01. 03:15
Woah! You meet my favorite Disney stars 😂 lit 👌


2017.12.01. 22:57
Hahahahaha that’s hilarious 😂


2017.12.06. 22:59


2017.12.07. 04:56


2017.12.07. 04:56


2017.12.07. 04:56
So sweet bby


2017.12.07. 09:48


2017.12.07. 11:44


2017.12.07. 17:11
So cool


2017.12.08. 04:38



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