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It’s #GivingTuesday and I’m so excited to share a new @Sea_Legacy initiative — The Tide. Help the oceans not just today, but every day, by investing in them through a monthly giving program (link in bio) that pays back in exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of SeaLegacy expeditions and the inner workings of our tireless organization. Join us as our whole team explores and creates solutions for healthier oceans, and gain a backstage glimpse into our lives at the forefront of conservation. #TurningTheTide for the oceans. Thank you! || TO VIEW THE FULL VIDEO, click the link in our bio ||

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2017.12.03. 22:52
I know you've said you'll be releasing footage soon, but I'm very curious as to how we have affected that dying polar bear. Is it POPs or something similar leading to less prey animals for the polar bear? Is it starving? Look forward to your explanation, and less so to the footage but people have emotional reactions to mammals dying, so hopefully it will shake foundations like you said. Immense respect for your work Paul! Keep it up!


2017.12.04. 01:52
Thank you for your initiative! I dream of dedicating my life to saving our ocean and your work continues to inspire me everyday.


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2017.12.04. 03:43
Incredible! 🌊❤🌊


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2017.12.04. 15:56
I always believe it helps even more to spread the word, if you do not join yourself, but give memberships as a present (ideally to someone who would maybe not join themselves). Is there a gift opt for joining the tide? I would very much like to forcibly "join" some of my family members, who, though nature lovers and everything, have not yet grasped the severity of the salmon farming issue @paulnicklen


2017.12.04. 18:57
Thank you for sharing this your hard work inspire us


2017.12.04. 22:42


2017.12.05. 01:05
Thanks for your beautiful work!


2017.12.05. 02:01
Omg that Polar bear... 😢 that breaks my heart


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2017.12.05. 15:24
Paul nicklen for pres!!!!


2017.12.05. 20:54
I wanna join in


2017.12.05. 21:34
Just signed up for monthly donations. Please keep doing what you are doing. You are one of my heroes. 🖤🙏🏻


2017.12.06. 03:17
@ajmiranda13 😌🙌🏻


2017.12.06. 23:22
ur my hero dude


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2017.12.09. 07:28
You are heroes❤️


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2017.12.09. 21:48
Спасибо Вам и Ваше команде, что оповещаете общественность. Какая красивая Наша Планета Земля особенно обитатели фауны. Спасибо Вам❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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2017.12.11. 08:46
"it's our invitation to you to come on an expedition with us" SIGN ME UP 🙋


2017.12.11. 14:42
我來至台灣 有沒有方法能補救?


2017.12.11. 21:07


2017.12.11. 23:32
@paulnicklen Great work! Will definitely donate! Please also consider turning the tide in a major way by eating (more and more) plantbased for ecological and ethical reasons :)


2017.12.12. 01:51
@laurisima_ llora conmigo :(


2017.12.12. 07:22
youre work and videos has inspired me in so many ways, thank you for sharing what you see✨


2017.12.12. 13:24


2017.12.13. 20:33
@tri_vet let’s donate for Christmas.



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There is nothing I’d love more for Christmas than to know polar bears are healthy, happy and protected. As the apex predator in the Arctic, and an animal I grew up in close proximity to on Baffin Island, these bears represent the general health of an ecosystem. For this to happen, we need to create marine protected areas in the Arctic (like the recently created Tallurutiup Imanga / Lancaster Sound), and we need to combat climate change. @Sea_Legacy is working hard build constituencies that demand that world governments cut carbon emissions and create marine protected areas. If you’d like to help convince these government entities to protect bears of all kinds, please consider giving the gift of a membership to The Tide and letting your loved one help in #TurningTheTide for our bears. Follow @sea_legacy to learn more. #12DreamsofChristmas

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I will be at the @paulnicklengallery today from 1-5 signing books and prints, sharing the message of @sea_legacy and #TurningTheTide on #ClimateChange I will be in New York until tomorrow sharing the conservation story of the #dyingbear of the arctic. Let’s get the message out there! @goodmorningamerica @todayshow @fallontonight @jimmyfallon @thelateshow @colbertlateshow @stephenathome #NatureLovers #Nature #ClimateChange #Arctic #Polarbear #Conservation

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I am back in New York City to attend events at the @PaulNicklenGallery on Dec 9th and 10th. Please contact them for questions regarding events, prices and prints. This print is available in open edition at a holiday-friendly price, with partial proceeds going to @Sea_Legacy. I will be signing these prints—as well as copies of my books. Both @CristinaMittermeier and I will be there for the weekend, so make sure not to miss us.

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Hello #NYC. I am going to be at the @paulnicklengallery today from 1pm to 8pm. Address is 347 West Broadway, NYC. There are many people who are emotional about the dying polar bear that we posted this week. Rightfully so. I will be addressing that and some messages of hope at 5pm. Please come down today and I would love to meet you. How do you think these polar bear tracks were made? A huge amount of #gratitude for all of the support pouring in for @Sea_Legacy. We must keep our film crew on the the front lines of the biggest issues facing our planet today. #bethechange #nature #naturelover #polarbear #fineartwithpurpose

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In 2016, Al Gore invited me to Antarctica as part of his @ClimateReality project, and he used this image during his TED talk about optimism. I believe it captures the ephemeral beauty of ice. Together with @CristinaMittermeier and @Sea_Legacy, I have seen the disastrous effects of climate change in person so, so many times. Tonight, Cristina and I will take part in an internationally webcast one-hour conversation with @PropertyBrothers@MrSilverScott as part of 24 hours of artists, thought leaders, business visionaries, politicians and musicians bringing this ultra important issue to the forefront. Tune into our Facebook page at 8PM EST to hear it.

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While in the Arctic with the @Sea_Legacy expedition crew a few months ago, @CristinaMittermeier and I documented a starving polar bear roaming through an abandoned Inuit camp along the shores of Baffin Island. A noted bear biologist could not pinpoint exactly what had caused this bear to starve to death. We do know that he didn’t have any visible wounds and that he was not old. At one time, this bear would have been a big healthy male, like the beautiful bear pictured here. Many of you asked if we could have saved the starving bear or euthanized him to ease his pain. Thank you for all your engagement and for caring about these bears as much as I do. The truth—which is hard to hear—is that he was on his last legs. His muscles had atrophied beyond repair. Plus, it would have been highly illegal to feed him or approach him. Obviously, we could not euthanize him, for legal, cultural and personal reasons. Instead of becoming angry or hopeless, we must work harder for solutions. There is hope for the remaining population of 25,000 polar bears. It’s up to all of us to change our habits if we want to see results. Click the link in my bio to learn more about these solutions and how they will work towards drawdown, where the warming of the planet finally stops, and reverses.