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Let us take a break from our NY posts to mention something super important to my heart. I’ve been trying to find ways that we can give back this season and recently heard about Children International. They are running a #givingtuesday campaign to raise money for their HOPE scholarships that provide education for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to afford it. A generous donor is matching every dollar donated up to 1 million! We are so happy to find an opportunity to influence our followers to give back as well! Please click the link in our bio for more info and to donate to this great cause. #influencelove #zooeyxamelie 📸: @wendelldambrosia for @littlegiraffeislove

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2017.11.28. 01:56



2017.11.28. 02:04
Amazing!! we will definitely check them out!


2017.11.28. 02:09
In love with this photo! And clicking on that link now. Great campaign! ❤️


2017.11.28. 02:12
Natalie e uma irmãzinha @alexkurumiya


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2017.11.28. 02:14


2017.11.28. 02:15
I love #ChildrenInternational! Been sponsoring a kid through them for years.


2017.11.28. 02:22
Omg that is the CUTEST picture!!


2017.11.28. 02:31
Ohh my goodness love this!! 😍✨


2017.11.28. 02:45
So sweet 😍


2017.11.28. 02:50


2017.11.28. 02:57
@sunnymoe omg that’s amazing!


2017.11.28. 05:28
So amazing. And how sweet is their bond❣️❣️


2017.11.28. 05:44
What a fantastic cause thank you for sharing!


2017.11.28. 13:30
Look at the way they are gazing into each other's eyes. Truly magical!


2017.11.28. 15:23
Lovely picture and message!


2017.11.28. 20:43
Children International is an AWESOME organization! Thanks for posting


2017.11.28. 22:02
Thank you so much for the #GivingTuesday support, Zooey and Mai. ❤️ We’re excited to have you on our team making a real impact for kids with the gift of education!


2017.11.29. 14:02
Love this


2017.11.30. 06:21
Lovvve this picture


2017.12.06. 22:24
@zooeyinthecity this one's awesome ☃️


2017.12.06. 22:29
Is it too late to donate to #givingtuesday? If not can you share a link please?


2017.12.07. 06:18
I’m sure you can still donate! Here is our link: http://chldrn.org/2AhmmaL


2017.12.09. 14:12


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2017.12.12. 21:15
that's so cute


2017.12.13. 16:53
Wow, this is cute



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