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Day 5. #SoulBalanceYogis 🌠 ANY BACKEND: One-Legged King Pigeon 👑🕊 - There are maaany excellent YouTube videos that can help you develop back flexibility, even if your goal has nothing to do with making the shape of a pigeon in your garden while being bitten by mosquitoes. #theperksofbeingatropicalsoul 🌴 - If you don't know where to start, I'd recommend the following videos/ig tutorials: - 1. How To Improve Back Flexibility (@lazydancertips) 2. Yoga for Opening the Shoulders (@ekhartyoga) 3. One or two of these awesome Instagram tutorials by Roxanne Gan (@roxanne_yoga): • Shoulders, Neck/Upper Body Stretches • Using Blocks (or books) To Open Shoulders and Back — BUT BE CAREFUL, since some of this are quite deep if you're a beginner! • Quads and Hips Flexors Stretches • Lying Down Stretches • Restorative Yoga: Counter Backbends 4. Back to YouTube, any class of your level by Adriene Mishler (@fwfglife), Kassandra Reinhardt (@yoga_with_kassandra), or Candace Moore (@yogabycandace) ❤🦄 - Usually I do all those steps or I change the last one for a personal flow 😊 - If you want me to send you the link of any of these videos/tutorials, just DM me! HOSTS: @thegypsyzest @musfirah.asri SPONSORS: @sleehcom @alandmash @oilsforeveryfamily @shineonyoga.gems

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TUE02 - JAN18 17:35 (GT 🇬🇹🌎) - 🌿 "I didn't come this far, to only come this far." - 💞 Today I am grateful for new chances. - 🕉 Playing a little bit with some lotus and side planks, but I haven't had a proper practice since sooo many days ago. - 📸: @isabelvb99 THANK YOU!

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No scale, no measuring tape, no obsessive body checks. 🙆 💯 I'm so used to keeping track of even the smallest changes in my body, though, so I do have an idea of how much weight I've gained. - Do I freak out? Yes. Do I feel uncomfortable with the way my clothes fit me now? Yes. Do I worry they'll stop fitting me? Or that people will quit using "skinny" to describe me? Way more than I'm willing to admit. - - THIS RECOVERY THING IS HELL. Once you survive the early stages you deserve a freaking gold trophy and an insanely amount of money to do whatever the shit you want plus a ticket to meet your idols and a travel-the-world experience. 🏆🌎🦄 Then it becomes a rollercoaster. And I hate rollercoasters, but even if you love them it's not a nice ride. There are lots of ups followed by huge downs; you begin to enjoy life again but also cry and feel nostalgia for everything you're leaving behind; one second you're owning it and the next one you don't know how to continue. - You end up being a superhero. 🙌 Who cares if only you believe that; you become one, period. - - I'm terrified because I'm letting my body decide its own weight. Sometimes I just don't know how to handle it. - But today... Today I felt strong. 🔥 I think it was the first time EVER I truly owned (for a few hours) my physical appearance and personality. It was the most honest "daaamn" I've ever given to myself. And it felt freaking awesome!! - My mind is my power. I'm so ready to explore it. #mymindmypowerchallenge #finalday

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"Cuando casi no se puede caminar, parece sensato dar pasos en vez de saltar o pensar en metas lejanas. Y está muy bien aceptar que vas cerrando vías de escape para no naufragar. Mira que eso es bueno. No me refiero a que sea bueno poner tapones aquí y allá para no hundirte con el barco, sino aceptarlo y aceptar que los demás lo vean (expiación). Permíteme, de nuevo, una broma que ya te conté una vez. Historia Sagrada, Éxodo. El pueblo de Israel abandona Egipto y vaga por el desierto durante cuarenta años para llegar a la tierra que mana leche y miel: Jericó, una ciudad oasis en el desierto. ¿Cuarenta años para llegar a un lugar en el que me puedo plantar caminando en cuarenta días? ¿Qué falla aquí? Nada. El éxodo es necesario, el camino te define más que la meta. Es tiempo de que aceptes tu situación; ¡por favor, no tardes cuarenta años!" —Correos. Parte III - Abril y junio 2017. Los agujeros de gusano cobran sentido cuando lo que se aplica por allá tiene relación con lo de acá.

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SUN07 - JAN18 16:15 (GT 🇬🇹🌎) - 🌿 "Healing is a choice. Keep making it and shifts will happen." - 💞 Today I am grateful for the patience my mom has when she's taking my yoga pictures, haha. - 🕉 Same day, different sides. It feels so much better when I'm holding my left leg, but I think it looks more elegant when lifting the right...? What do you think?

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2017 (almost 2018) me; the only "me" that matters! A 22-year-old who loves wearing colors, flower prints, and hair buns. A girl who smiles and has real joy in her eyes. - - I support the #BoycottTheBefore campaign for three main reasons: 🔹I am easily triggered by "before/after my eating disorder" sets, so I won't contribute to something that isn't healthy for me. 🔹I've felt the need to post one of those sets to show you how thin, therefore "sick", I used to be. A need to validate my illness based on my physical appearance. 🔹We preach eating disorders have no face and yet we still picture patients as the typical white, middle class, female teenager with anorexia nervosa. - If you read @lexiemanion, you'll understand it's not about judging people who upload those "before/after" sets (kudos to them for feeling proud of their progress!), but about the idea we don't NEED to upload them to validate our struggles. - - I won't give you numbers. I won't give you old pictures. I won't give you a sad story. 🙃 - I know what I've gone through. I do want to help and hopefully inspire people to recover, but I won't do that by showing you the "medals" this ED has given me, especially because it's so damn ironic: I have my "medals" and still feel I'm not sick enough. So we need to understand we're not competing with each other and we all deserve help! Including me, including you. - My story might help someone in the future, but right now I want to be so much more than those dark, old days. - That's the kind of freedom I've been waiting for. The kind of freedom I'm trying to own. 👸💕 #badassqueen #beagoddess

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Remember when I said I was going to practice my wheel and splits every day? Ha. It's been eighteen days since my last "proper" practice. Today I wanted to restart with an hour of backbends. ✨🏹 - This #YOGATRANSFORMATION took me THREE months, including the almost three weeks with nothing more than a few bedtime stretches. That means it can take about two months (even less) to see (and not just feel) the progress. Bow is one of my favorite poses and I didn't know my flexibility was improving so much! - So #practiceandalliscoming is definitely not a lie.