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Jackson Bird is transgender, and he has a message for anyone too scared to ask questions or worried they'll say the wrong thing: just ask. It might be difficult, and you might slip up a few times, but people who are trans deserve your respect. Watch @jackisnotabird’s full #TEDTalk at go.ted.com/transrespect to learn more about misconceptions about pronouns and transitioning. #TransgenderAwarenessWeek

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2017.11.16. 18:14



2017.11.19. 23:31


2017.11.20. 00:19
@gratitude.garden thank-you for your words 🙌🏼 I completely agree


2017.11.20. 00:23
@smithsbarbie this is exactly what I thought when I read the comments on this post


2017.11.20. 02:19


2017.11.20. 03:56
@tragedyofthehumancondition - I'm not sure who you're arguing with about irrational beliefs. With all the energy you're spending to be scientific and "right" don't forget to add kindness. Will be better for you and all around you.


2017.11.20. 05:22
Gender cant be changed, there no drugs that can change that. It is a mental disorder, just like someonw thinking they are a bike. It is just something that is not true and can never be true. Everyone is just enabling people with mental problems. That is sad.


2017.11.20. 05:34
The better idea is to not care what people call you. Expecting people to pet your petty ego is just ridiculous.


2017.11.20. 05:38
@smithsbarbie "if you don't like America you can get out" you're ridiculous.


2017.11.20. 05:39
@shane11matthew That's an incredibly intelligent and insightful response. Bravo.


2017.11.20. 05:53
What a disappointment to see that @ted is celebrating this unapologetic regression of social behaviour, by validating and normalising naiveté. #prayforfuturegenerations🙏🙌


2017.11.20. 08:58
@katieheeran identify as a tree if you like it doesn't mean I have to refer to you as one. It's a free speech issue because of attempts to force bullshit gender pronouns.


2017.11.20. 08:59
@chrisbyrnes7 the world isn't a kind place get used to it.


2017.11.20. 09:02


2017.11.20. 15:39
@tragedyofthehumancondition no, u don’t have to. Of course u don’t have to. You can call me or anyone else whatever you like. I’m not arguing that. People are asking that you respect how they identify. You have every right to say no. I choose to honor the request.


2017.11.20. 15:41
@tragedyofthehumancondition I checked out your page and your personal posts. Reveals your sensibilities. We're not on the same page. Good luck.


2017.11.20. 17:01
@pax_wellington word to that !


2017.11.20. 17:02
I can't believe this is even a TED talk


2017.11.20. 17:36
@smithsbarbie about as insightful as your idea that if someone disagrees they should stop listening to Ted altogether. Classic in group, out group nonsense. What is in this video is not fact, it is a reification of gender studies.


2017.11.20. 20:17
@kaye_q_ our human body is borrowed by us? So whom is the lender?


2017.11.20. 21:19
@francoisjvr The lender is our soul, us, our bodies go back to Earth when we die as ashes...our bodies are all Stardusts.


2017.11.20. 21:53
@katieheeran there are moves to legislate the use of these pronouns, in Canada for instance, it's a slippery slope.


2017.11.20. 22:24
@mr.wanderlusttt well then let this person live and educate people as it’s part of their purpose on this earth. I’m not sure why you are personalizing their message as if it’s forcing you to do anything but you’re missing the point of their talk. I would say follow your advice and let live.


2017.11.20. 22:30
@pcastwys if you’re following scientific research then you are behind on the science because the idea of gender being binary has been disproven a very long time ago. Nature is unbelievably diverse including gender. I say keep researching that science snd your consciousness will shift. Also if you are telling someone that they don’t have to wear skirts or dictating what they should look like then it seems that being Trans is still a big deal in 2017.


2017.11.21. 01:35
@david_ouzonian Damn you, Gluten!! lol


2017.11.21. 02:14
@chrisbyrnes7 good for you. Yeah, I'm a pragmatic realist and you're a delusional bleeding heart liberal...


2017.11.21. 11:06
Speak your truth Jackson Bird for only you know it. Thank you.


2017.11.21. 22:50
@pax_wellington iam agree with "do not judge other people" & "mind your own biz", but theres must be a reason that we born with one of the gender on it, so please dont give up on what yourself naturely given! @ted #prayforfuturegenerations


2017.11.22. 04:30
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2017.11.22. 07:16
I don't care who is trans what I do care about is I have to suspend reality and pretend that they are something they're not. I don't want to play the game .


2017.11.22. 08:12


2017.11.22. 14:59


2017.11.22. 17:57
🤣🤣🤣 suck bull


2017.11.22. 17:58
@dcgtalent me neither.


2017.11.25. 03:15
What has humanity come to


2017.11.26. 05:46
Keep producing great content!


2017.12.02. 00:34


2017.12.03. 08:23


2017.12.05. 00:44
@jdream777 it’s that easy right primo ☺️


2017.12.05. 04:37
@leekyleak Katrina!


2017.12.07. 05:46
So true 🐼👍🏼



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