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This is a numeric model that depicts the cracks in Greenland’s ice sheet. It shows how a crevasse can fracture when filled with water from a glacier aquifer. That water causes a three millimeter increase in global sea level rise per year. It might not seem like a lot, but it is already making a tremendous impact. “How much sea level rise is coming, and how fast will it get here? We need to know how much and how fast, so the world and its communities can plan for the sea level rise that's coming,” says glaciologist Kristin. To watch her full #TEDTalk, visit go.ted.com/greenlandicesheet Video courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, with data from Ian Howat, Ted Scambos and Reto Stockli

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Doing nothing is no longer an option....


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Can Trump drown in it? That’s the question.


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@sandibeatch Sorry, Me Suis Trompée ^&


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Note that the three mm per annum net cited equals 11 inches per century and when balanced against Antarctic ice increases falls within historical normal ranges. Yes, sea levels rise and fall in varying broad natural cycles.


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We are fragile! The 🌎is fragile! We live a fragile life!!!


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@hang5 I'm replying because I'm interested in the truth but can I add that there's never been a century where the human population has increased in the same way and the predictions for the next century look bleak so surely even if this was normal so to speak planning for where all these people live and how we direct their sewage and waste production is a good reason to look at these models ? Less fear more reality ??


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This should be viral


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For the mother earth!


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Scary business. JW.org


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This is amazing 👌👌


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@jamielogan57 !!! Maths 🤓


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I'm melting!


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We r done 😅


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@octaviaig !


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We live in a materialistic world, we value too much money and we forgot who we are often in order to make money we sell our uniqueness and we put a price on that. So often all we want is money and we say let's write that book, let's make that program , let's create that brand all our focus is on THAT and THAT is The Money I choose to be different and In my world I will bring value I will not thinking about how to become the "BEST" only to take the big prize I WILL do It because my VALUE is Bigger Then MONEY !Nothing can buy my UNIQUENESS!!!! Keep Going, Push Foward !!!


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This is awesome!


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Watched it last night..Grwat one.


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This is insane😨


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@amoomehrad cfd! 😎


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We have to get good at communicating with the masses and influence leaders! Plus a global tax on all trade based on carbon.


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Winter is here


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Net neutrality is currently the status quo of the internet. It allows everyone to have open access to the web without an internet service provider speeding up, slowing down, or blocking the websites and applications you want to visit. Tomorrow, all of that might change for the United States. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is voting on whether the US can keep net neutrality. And the threat is real. Without net neutrality, internet service providers have the power to control what you can and cannot access online (and how much you have to pay for it) — and there’s no telling how far they’ll go. “You never notice your rights until you lose them,” says TED Technology Curator Alex Moura. “People need to be really willing to stand for something. It’s not about freedom of speech — it’s about who controls information.” We know this sounds pretty bleak, but there’s still some hope! In 2015, India won the battle for net neutrality. To learn how they fought for their right to the internet and how the United States can do the same, visit go.ted.com/netneutrality. #netneutrality

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In “Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi,” the Death Star II is actually a flipped image of this one shown. It may seem like an unremarkable detail from the Lucasfilm Archives, but this photo depicts a version that the general public wouldn't be able to see otherwise. It appears in artist Taryn Simon's project, “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar." Taryn's work documents culturally significant subjects that lie hidden within the borders of the United States, confronting the divide between those with and without the privilege of access. To watch Taryn’s #TEDTalk, visit go.ted.com/secretsites #starwars #lastjedi

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This is a self-portrait of @TEDFellow and artist Uldus Bakhtiozina. In it, she embodies the Triskele, a Celtic symbol representing a triple spiral with various meanings. Uldus’s work is often inspired by classic fairy tales, and her self portraits are no different. She creates them to explore alternative identities and comment on the cliches of modern womanhood. “I love to become a different person in front of the camera,” she says. “My self-portraits are a mirror which shows me another version of myself, existing somewhere else, having another life.” To learn more about @uldusss’s work and the art of self-portraiture, visit go.ted.com/selfportrait

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Wildfires have gotten worse in the past 100 years, but why? Well, first, land that was once dry is now filled with greenery. And with the trees growing closer together than ever before, it’s easy for diseases to spread and weaken large sections of the forests. Couple that with the fact that summers are getting hotter, drier, and windier than ever. And finally, we’re building houses on top of everything! These factors (plus a few others) are a recipe for a fire disaster much like what we’ve seen across California this year. So what do we do? “We need to put the right kind of fire back into the system again,” says forest ecologist Paul Hessburg. “It's how we can resize the severity of many of our future fires. And the silver lining is that we have tools and we have know-how to do this.” To learn how we can restore the natural balance of the landscape and prevent these disasters from occurring, watch Paul’s #TEDTalk at go.ted.com/wildfires

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These children are reading inside of a mud cave. It’s part of a school in Bangladesh that is made entirely out of dirt and bamboo. Architect Anna Heringer designed it for her thesis project 13 years ago to show that you can create cozy and beautiful structures using only natural materials. “There are a lot of resources given by nature for free -- all we need is our sensitivity to see them and our creativity to use them," she says. To watch her #TEDTalk, visit go.ted.com/mudbuildings Photo by Rolf Bauerdick

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Actor Justin Baldoni has a challenge for men: “See if you can use the same qualities that you feel make you a man to go deeper into yourself. Your strength, your bravery, your toughness: Can we redefine what those mean and use them to explore our hearts?” In his new #TEDTalk, the Jane the Virgin actor starts a dialogue about masculinity and unravels what it means to be “man enough.” Watch @justinbaldoni’s full talk at go.ted.com/manenough