Lori Hawkins

October 17, 2017. Brooklyn, New York. An Uzbek woman and her son. Brooklyn is home to the nation's largest concentration of immigrants from Uzbekistan. I began documenting the community a couple weeks ago ahead of the recent terrorist attack in NYC. The man accused of the attack is an immigrant from Uzbekistan. I will continue documenting this community as they try to make sense of Tuesday's violence. #brooklyn #newyork #muslim #jewish #religion #tradition #bw #thislifetoday #america #newyorkcity #islam #uzbek #Uzbekistan #immigrants

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Cute photo. We had an Uzbek Uber driver last night, a well educated man who has been here about the same amount of time as the NYC terrorist. He apologized for him. It was sad.


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@marcislindsay yes, very sad indeed.


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