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Photo: @daniel_ernst

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Memories from the road #selfie 🎶 Redbone - Childish Gambino

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Sexy roads have curves.

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Palace of Westminster.

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missing my favorite arizona friend ☀️🌵

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Happy weekend! ♥ BEST Travel Photo 📷 by @bokehm0n#Bestravelphoto to be featured! Use #bestcommunity to join in!! ❤

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SALTY ————————————————————————At the bottom of an ancient seabed, I asked @nicoleamymadell to act like she was thinking about something profound — like why do feet smell & noses run?

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📷 by @bejamin

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📸 @stevint

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Castle in the sky 🏰🌥 //@djiglobal #MavicPro _

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Fighting the elements.

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🤩 ______________ 📸 @jasonjko

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~♡~ . E’ ritenuto bello ciò che è carino, piacevole, attraente, gradevole, avvenente, delizioso, armonico, meraviglioso, delicato, grazioso, leggiadro, incantevole, magnifico, stupendo, affascinante, eccelso, eccezionale, favoloso, fiabesco, fantastico, magico, mirabile, pregevole, spettacolare, splendido, sublime, superbo. . ___Umberto Eco_ . . . . . . Torricella 📍 _______________________________ #visualgang #weroamtheworld #theglobewanderer #royalsnappingartist #liveauthentic #nichelights #all_nature #jj_allnature #rsa_nature #rsa_vsco #collectivelycreate #artofvisuals #folkscenery #beautifuldestinations #adventurethatislife #expofilm #soft_vision #travellingsavant #folkcreative #agameoftones #main_vision #click_visions #mist_vision #earthgrammers #roamtheplanet #rsa_outdoors #natgeoadventures #thegreatoutdoors #visualsoflife #vzcomood

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Morning coffee before a wintery walk to shake off a night sleeping in the car when the tent you brought with you ripped. If anyone saw my Stories a couple of weeks ago this will just add to the ‘never go camping with Zoë’ vibe. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂✨⛺️ @MerrellUK @gooutdoors #CreateYourTrail #Chameleon7

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I know someday the smoke will all burn off, all these voices I'll someday have turned off.

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↟ Once again the ancient axiom pops up telling me: "the mountain is calling and I must go"! Berchstesgaden is definitely a mountain paradise and besides all the Band of Brothers inaccuracies I could corroborate on site regarding WWII facts, I decided to go to the mountain and live with her for a while...kinda long time though. So we took the colorful and amazing Rossfeld Panoramastraße and at the top of the road the massif was just waiting for us: The Hoher Göll.↟ What about you guys, do you also feel the mountains calling you? Have a great Friday! ↟↟↟ #modernoutdoors   #bestmountainartists  #earthoutdoors   #mountainstones   #roamtheplanet   #ourcamplife   #wildernessculture   #earthfocus   #campvibes   #eclectic_shotz   #soft_vision   #folkgreen   #thelensbible   #folkmagazine   #exploreourearth   #natgeoadventures   #bewild   #folkscenery   #rsa_outdoors   #mountainscape   #vibesofvisuals   #sniffoutdoors   #modernwild   #wondermore   #stayandwander   #earthoutdoors10k  #themoderndayexplorer   #themoderndayexplorer   #germanroamers   #hiddenpeakadventures  @mountain.stories  @mountainstones  @modernoutdoors  @stayandwander  @wanderlustcollective  @outdoortones  @wildernessnation

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Sunrise, sunset, who gives a shit. Get out there and check it out! 👊🏼 • We frequently abbreviate Christmas as X-mas because of ancient tradition. X is the Greek letter “chi” which is an abbreviation for the word “Christ” in Greek 🎅🏼🎄

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BEST OF 🇦🇺 – ROAD TRIP 2017 A lovely mature silver gull! It should not be confused with the herring gull, which is called "silver gull" in many other languages (e. g “Silbermöwe” in Germany), but is a much larger, robust gull with no overlap in range.

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Muuuhhdy morning🐮

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Selfie time!

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Iceland ♥ BEST Travel Photo 📷 by @zekedrone#Bestravelphoto to be featured! Use #bestcommunity to join in!! ❤

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Bieszczady Mountains - We had been battling our way along an exposed ridge in a white out through winds I think easily up to 100-120kmph until it got to the stage where no one could stand and we were forced to descend and managed to find our way down via another route. I took this while everyone was still feeling the adrenaline buzz and a certain relief at seeing the tree line materialize out of the cloud! Lessons learnt: snowshoes act like very effective sails in the wind, not always ideal! ISO320 35mm f10 1/320 #poland #relief #LessonslLearnt

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#repost @alex.ragg

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Yosemite ♥ BEST Travel Photo 📷 by @jguzmannn#Bestravelphoto to be featured! Use #bestcommunity to join in!! ❤

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Cliff hangin. #australiancoast

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BEST OF 🇦🇺 – ROAD TRIP 2017 We stayed at one of the 44 camp sites situated above a rock-shelf shoreline with access to a small sandy beach 🏖. A great place to snorkel in the fantastic ningaloo reef as the largest fringing coral reef in Australia, walk to the beautiful sandy bay close by or simply relax on the beautiful shoreline. Early booking for the campsite is essential!!

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#repost @tamsi7

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Check out my little bud in the bottom right corner. (Alright, alright, I admit - Canada can be pretty damn magical in the winter.) #canada #winterwonderland

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First picture of the last #expedition with @wandermut in November: A 2 weeks Hike through the Sahara. #sahara #desert #sanddunes #morocco

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Nameless waterfalls in the wilderness. 🎶 Shadow - Wild Nothing

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heart breaker 💔

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There’s no Vitamin D in Iceland, so instead the goverment put up lighthouses!

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• Burning these incense sticks symbolises purification for those who light them- according to Buddhist tradition. I just couldn't help but linger around this pot because I absolutely love the smell of ash. I tried to google if this is a common thing- but the results were all negative and opposing. Does anyone else like the smell of ash? I even decided to take a picture of it as an excuse to stand near it.. 🙄

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Snow & craters.

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Point Reyes ♥ BEST Travel Photo 📷 by @florianploeger#Bestravelphoto to be featured! Use #bestcommunity to join in!! ❤

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There's something about the frozen waterfalls; some people think their not worth seeing during winter because they're frozen. But I think it's just another kind of beauty 😍