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⭐️ Day 4 of my Top 10 Personal Favorite Ways to use 👑 Frankincense 👑 ⭐️ Free the whole month of December with any 200 PV Order (Enrollment, LRP or One-Time Orders all Qualify). $93 Retail Value 💫🌟💫🌟💫 🌟 Today's Use for Frankincense: Bumps and Boo Boos! 🤕 This one may sound kind of silly...but how many of us have kids, grandchildren (or ourselves) that accidentally fall and bump our heads (or other body parts) on something?! 🙋🏼 It's just part of life. My sweet girl at a restaurant this week rocked forward and bumped her head really hard on the table! It was loud and it hurt and she cried. 😭 I rubbed some diluted Frankincense on it and she calmed down plus there was no bump or red-mark! If your kids play at the park, or jump on trampolines...or heck, just walk around...there will be a time where Frankincense will definitely come in handy! It soothes the owie as well as reduces the inflammation and helps the skin heal itself quicker..without icky ingredients or side effects!

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Hemos estado algo perdidas, estamos de vacaciones y es un poco difícil hacer recetas jajaja. Sin embargo les dejo 2 formas de hacer deliciosos Pancakes de Banana. Es una de las receta que más he usado ya que es super fácil y rápida. INGREDIENTES. 1 banana 1 huevo Canela al gusto Trituamos la banana con un tenedor luego agregamos el huevo y colocamos canela al gusto, llevamos nuestra mezcla al sartén y listo. Otra manera de hacerlo en agregarle 1/4 de taza de harina de avena, de las dos formas queda super rico. Acompaña tus pancakes con blueberries, o fresas y te encantará. #recipesbypaula #recetassaludables #babyfood #babyledweaningideas #babyledweaning #blw #momtip #momlife #motherhood #momofinstagram #panama #maternidad #lactanciamaterna #lactanciamaternaexclusiva

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#weekendmakeupessentials • I am going to need much more than this on this Saturday morning 😆🥂☕️🍵🥤 #liketkit #LTKbeauty @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2tSQb

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As this baby bump grows more and more every week my toddler Mom duties become a little more challenging. All the bending over and weird positions you get into with a little human. But as I finish my 3rd week of my current Beachbody program, #21dfxextreme at #25weekspregnant I can actually say I do feel a difference. . . At a time when you would think exercise wouldn’t have much of a physical reward, I absolutely feel stronger. I don’t have abs and that leg definition isn’t what it once was, but I can say that picking up my 25lb toddler is getting easier. And who the heck would have expected that while pregnant. That is huge reward for me!! Every Mama wants to be able to hold their baby. . . So yes exercise is still worth it and important while pregnant. Mamas you can do it, you are important.

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Simple is as simple does.

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SWIPE LEFT to see other photos before finally capturing a “matino” photo with a toddler. Either way, I love all his pa-cute faces 😍💙👶🏻 . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamRainPlay #LittleAdamBryce #TerrificTwo #TerribleTwo #toddler #motherandson #motherhood #motherhoodmoments #MommaTribePH #momrades #mom #momlife #mompreneur #wahm #sahm #workathomemom #stayathomemom #momboss #bossmom #wonderwoman #momtips #momtip

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Practical. I feel like my soul filters life through a lens of practical-ness (is that word?) . If you come to my kitchen sink, you will see toothpaste and toothbrush on the window sill. It’s not the most appealing to the eye. But it’s practical. . Duke has a set in stone bedtime routine but our mornings...well they look different every day. And I kept forgetting to brush his teeth. So I bought another tube and brush and keep it in the kitchen. That way when I remember to do it, whether we are upstairs or downstairs, I have the stuff. . How long till he does it by himself? #momtip #practical #mintyfresh

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Woke up feeling happy and excited today....as excited as you can be when still sleepy at 4am😆! . How do you measure your progress? Obviously seeing physical changes makes sense but because for me a measure of success is days like today☀️ . By waking up excited to get to my routine, reading the next page in my book, and pressing play I know I am making progress and I know the journey I am on is headed in the right direction💪🏻❤️

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And even better when you get to do it with a hot Starbucks ☕️ and zero kids in tow😆 . While kids were in school today I got my bathroom curtain and rugs, found a cute dress and sweater, picked up a new awesome book, replaced my nephews Christmas gift, and got Emma and Jace some new sheets📝! . With all the changes coming up in about a week 😳😃🎉 I have been REALLY nervous about a million things but was nice to have a few dollars extra to splurge on some retail therapy❤️

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[MOM TIP] I am an overthinker that even in my dreams I am overthinking!! I panic a lot. I worry about a number of things constantly endlessly tirelessly... whew! My husband reminds me to relax... take it easy breathe in and out...pray.chill.calm down. I need to give myself a break. All of us need to. ❤️ • • • #momtip #motherhood101 #raisingtoddlers #thoughts #parenting #momlife #momanddad #dontforgetdads #lifewithatoddler #mommyblogger #realmom #inspire #familyfirst #everythingiswritable #realmom #honestparenting #mrstagswrites #uaemombloggers

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Baby bumps and Mamas at home spa box from @joingoodbeing WooHoo!! My favorite time of the month! Seriously, all the products are amazing and this month is nothing short of that. This is for all the mamas who don’t treat themselves to much, like me. $21 a month where you get something for you. . . Check out my LIVE un-boxing on my FB page @KaitlynroseFitness

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#momtip : You will spend a stupid amount of time trapped in your car with sleeping children. Get comfortable.

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To see a change you have to cha-lle-nge yourself 💪🏻 . I really didn’t feel like pushing myself today. It even took me 5mins of procrastinating to get started 🙄😏 . But I know if you don’t start you’ll never finish! #dontwaittostart #seethechangeinthechallenge

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I saw this awesome idea through @veggiesandvirtue, another wonderful instagram mama and thought it was so fun! It’s a #muffintinmeal and it’s a fun way to try to get kiddos to eat new things while mixing them in with some of their favorites! 🥦🍓🥒🍌 We also mixed in craft paper place mat for drawing to help the fun keep flowing 🎨 And just as suspected, he ate the dark chocolate chips first 🍫, followed by his favorite fruits 🥝🍓( including the radish he thought was an apple 🍎 but was very disappointed 😆 ) and he managed to try everything!! Although he still didn’t like the veggies and said “yuck!”, he at least tried them and that’s a start! See the after plate in my insta stories 👆🏼

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Holy cow it felt so good to get some cardio in this morning with the baby and then looking over the transformations I just am SO EXCITED to continue to help people through their health journey! But why wait until the new year to get started??? ...there is still plenty of time for you to Feel great in your little black dress 👗👠come the new year, or for us moms in your hot yoga pants & top knot sipping champagne and celebrating at 9 PM because you can’t make it much longer! 🤦‍♀️😂🥂✨ . . . . . . #momlife #momofgirls #momthoughts #momstruggles #momswhomotivate #momtip #morningroutine #morningmotivation #morningmood #strengthincommunity #strongnotskinny #stretchitout #operationselflove #selfcaretime #selfcare #toddlermom #newmom #targetmom #postpartumjourney #ppdsurvivor #postpartumfitness #postpartumhealth #mentalhealth

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Mom tip: Make breakfast burritos the night before. Have you tried this? Seriously makes mornings so much easier. Your family will love having a homemade breakfast they can grab on their way out the door, and you'll feel great going to bed knowing you already have breakfast DONE! Plus, I find it kind of relaxing to cook at night when the house is quiet anyway😊

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Heading out of town Friday so this is what cleaning out the fridge looks like. ❤️

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You guys...the texture of this diaper cream is so amazing. It is not sticky and sinks right into the skin. Did I mention it smells good too? Let me know if you have tried Rump Remedy and what you think!?

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Pro tip. If your kids are cranky in the car, start up a siiiick skat like the Queen Ella Fitzgerald and they won't know what the heck hit them. #momtip #ellafitzgerald #skat #confuseyourchildren #normal #jazz #keepingitreal #youknowyoulikedit #cakedeliverytip

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Watching “how the Grinch stole Christmas” for the first time....MEMORIZED 😂 . Slow day for us this morning....still fighting sinuses from the smoke last week so was a little yoga, a lot of water first thing and coffee(of course😆☕️, and some puppy snuggles 🐶 while kiddos eat breakfast and watch cartoons❤️

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Miercoles de #momtip .Nos encanta la marca @munchkininc y quiero recomendarselas , ha sido un éxito total. Ana Paula super independiente con su vaso 360, también tenemos los envases para las meriendas, he notado que la entretiene un rato, en esta ocasión coloque manzana cortada en cuadritos y en otro envase un poco de galletas @plumorganics y listo a pasear un rato y disfrutar de nuestras vacaciones. Desliza para que puedas ver las fotos de los artículos que manejamos hasta momentos. Las invito a conocer la marca y toda su variedad de artículos #recipesbypaula #recetassaludables #babyfood #babyledweaningideas #babyledweaning #blw #momtip #momlife #motherhood #momofinstagram #panama #maternidad #lactanciamaterna #lactanciamaternaexclusiva

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#MomTip Una de las cosas mas dificiles como mamá es sacar tiempo para pasar con mis hijos mayores...cuadrar tiempos de lactancia, tareas escolares,compras de víveres, comida de los niños y trámites que siempre hay que hacer es todo un desafío; pero es algo necesario para demostrarles que aunque tienen una hermanita bebé ellos son importantes también y evitar que se sientan desplazados. Acá a una escapada a la piscina que la diafrutaron mucho.

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This holiday season, take the time to focus on the important things. After all, there's always tomorrow. 📷: @essentiallycaryn

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•~• Photo by @zooeyinthecity Meet Zooey Miyoshi (@zooeyinthecity): a kindergarten student and 5-year-old fashion influencer. On her third birthday, her mom, Mai, started an account all about Zooey. Fast-forward two years and Zooey and her family — originally from Tokyo — live in Los Angeles where they adventure, play and take tons of photos, highlighting Zooey’s sweet and edgy styles, often accompanied by her staple expression of hiding behind a pair of sunnies. “Zooey has always had this no-emotion face,” says Mai of Zooey’s signature look. “Sunglasses also help when taking photos. Most of the time, she is not looking directly at me, which sunnies help hide. #momtip.” As for the future, Zooey has big plans. Zooey: “I want to be a designer.” Mom: “REALLY? When did you decide that?” Zooey: “At school. I’m creative, so I think I can be a designer.” Mom: “😱”

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The two things that deplete our magnesium most are big factors this season--stress and sugar! So increase your magnesium dosage to account for it! Adequate levels of magnesium in the body are essential for the absorption and metabolism not only of vitamin D but of calcium as well. So if you’re taking Vitamin D (like all of us Oregonians this time of year), make sure your body is actually absorbing it. Magnesium converts vitamin D into its active form so that it can help calcium absorption. Magnesium is a mineral that's crucial to the body's function. Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady. Experts say that many people in the U.S. aren't eating enough foods with magnesium. Adults who consume less than the recommended amount of magnesium are more likely to have elevated inflammation markers. Inflammation, in turn, has been associated with major health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Also, low magnesium appears to be a risk factor for osteoporosis. -WebMD Most Americans (try 80%) lack magnesium which causes a whole slew of problems including: anxiety, bowel disease, heart disease, insomnia, migraines, tooth decay, asthma, diabetes, hypertention, kidney disease, osteoporosis, blood clots, depression, liver disease, nerve problems and others. Why do we lack so much Magnesium? Because your food is only as rich in the minerals and vitamins and the soil it grows in. And in today's world farmers aren't going to spend the extra cost and time (up to 5 years) to properly treat the soil before planting crops. So supp up people! Mineral Essence contains over 60 ionic trace minerals including magnesium & calcium so it is easiest for your body to absorb them. Thanks Young Living for know what is so important for our bodies and giving it to us! #momtip: give it to your kiddos when they have growing pains, they will feel SO MUCH better. Read more about magnesium deficiency here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/12/08/magnesium-health-benefits.aspx . . #minerals #magnesium #supplements

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Another great reminder for the holidays from 👉@bemorewithless. Her book releases December 26!

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Mom Tip if the Day: buy a vacuum that looks like a #ghostbusters gun and your kids will beg you to let them vacuum. #momtip #deik #vacuum #preckids #prechome

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Popcorn 🍿 is the best made over a campfire 🔥 (Plus it keeps the kids busy for hourrrrrrsssss) #momtips . . . . #momtip #campingtips #popcorn #campfire #campfirepopcorn #campfire🔥 #campfirecooking #keepkidsbusy #singlemom #singlemomlife #singlemomsrock #singleparent #singleparenting #camp #camplife

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Snack catchers are literally life 🙌🏻 love this stainless one from #munchkin and it even comes with a lid! . . . #snacktime #momtip #leopardprint #babyleopardprint #babyblingbow #cartersbaby #carters #babyfashion #instafashion #offtheshoulder #style #momswithcameras #letthembelittle #ohheymama #harperlilychili

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All I ever wanted was to grow up or I was constantly waiting for just that next thing in life to happen, because THEN life would great. Now I just want it all to slow down and to enjoy the magic in the simple mundane things life has to offer. . . ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . Learn to appreciate the smallest of things and stop waiting for the next best thing, life is already great.

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Estaba buscando un snack saludable y rápido para Ana Pau y encontré esta idea super linda de @healthylittlefoodies , Sándwich de manzana y mantequilla de maní con formas navideñas. Se ve todo un exito. Ana Paula ya ha probado la mantequilla de maní y todo bien, así que haremos esta recetita. #recipesbypaula #recetassaludables #babyfood #babyledweaningideas #babyledweaning #blw #momtip #momlife #motherhood #momofinstagram #panama #maternidad #lactanciamaterna #lactanciamaternaexclusiva

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Ever have this “what is wrong with me” feeling🤷🏼‍♀️? I have totally been on the struggle bus🚌 ever since this weekends craziness....getting back into my routine has been a little harder the last two days . It’s morning like this that I am glad that I took those baby steps in making big changes for myself! Almost 2️⃣ years and counting🙌🏻 . Having a simple quick healthy breakfast instead of the rest of these cookies😂 or the Eggos I used to have on the way out the door 😳 were one of the simplest but biggest changes I’ve made! . So when I have these moments struggling, of being human❤️, I remind myself of the little things that add up to big rewards!

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This is how I spent my weekend! :) #facemask x #snapchatme 😂 All of these happened when our little one was in dreamland ❤️ You know I can’t do it peacefully if she’s awake 💆🏻‍♀️ facemask is from @himalayaarabia - himalaya herbals oil clear mud face pack... it has fuller’s earth (i don’t know what this is) walnut and mineral clay! • • • #momtip #motherhood101 #raisingtoddlers #thoughts #parenting #momlife #selfcare #beauty #chill #weekendvibe #lifewithatoddler #mommyblogger #realmom #everythingiswritable #mrstagswrites #uaemomblogger

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I never knew this. We learn everyday. Tag a parent that needs to know this. ******* DID YOU KNOW? It's worse to have a car seat that could put your baby at risk in the case of an accident. Buy original car seats, read the user's manual (more like study it) and use the information correctly. #Repost @poshbaby.ng with @insta.save.repost • • • #mom #momlife #momadvice  #mommyblog #momblog  #firsttimemom   #uniteinmotherhood  #momworld  #motherhood #lagosmums #momtip #tipstuesday #motherhoodunplugged  #mommylife  #mblogger  #honestmotherhood  #mothersunite  #wahm  #sahm  #mompreneur  #pregnancyblog #pregnancy #maternitystyle #bumplife #ftm #cuddleblog

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Happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! If you can spare a minute to run to the store and pick up some Choco Tacos, you’ll be a hero for your family 🤗 #momtip #liturgicaldessert #catholicfeast #ourladyofguadalupe

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[MOM TIP] We’re all in this together🎵🎶 Make sure that dad takes part on child rearing and even household chores and activities 💏 in good times and bad... sickness and good health... chasing toddlers and losing sleep ☺️ • • • #momtip #motherhood101 #raisingtoddlers #thoughts #parenting #momlife #momanddad # #lifewithatoddler #mommyblogger #realmom #inspire #familyfirst #everythingiswritable #mrstagswrites #uaemomblogger

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Our weekly batch of homemade peanut butter is ready. It’s a must EVERY WEEK in this house. 🤣 Do you have a must have meal prep item you prep each week? #homemadepeanutbutter

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coconut curry noodle soup 🍜 ▫️ if you are getting buried with snow and experiencing -1000C with windchill weather, i feel you. thought i’d inspire you with our piping hot noodle soup. ▫️ the snow is coming down hard here and will continue overnight. it only feels -11C degree (with windchill), no biggie ❄️☃️ ▫️ ive been making different dishes for my little guy and i know for a fact the 2 things he likes most. noodles and soup. 2 dishes in 1, is like christmas morning for both of us. i made a huge batch tonight to last us for the next couple of nights. he’s often complained i dont make enough broth 🙄 #bossman ▫️ it’s an oldie dish but definitely a fave around here. i would add mushrooms but we are having major aversions with all things mushrooms 🙅🏻‍♀️ ▫️ #momtip 👉🏻 make a huge batch of the broth and stash either in a freezer or fridge in a glass jug for quick and stress free dinners. just dont fill up the glass jars to the top. you’ll be glad you have them when you have haaaaangry toddlers/kids/husbands to feed 👉🏻 cook the noodles separately. do NOT add in the broth!!!! the noodles will absorb the broth and youll be left with thick noodles and no broth 😂. the noodles dont take long to cook 2-4 min tops. you can pre cook and stash them in the fridge, if you wish amd warm it up with the broth 👌🏻 ▫️ recipe is linked in profile ▫️ #plantbased #plantbasedkids #glutenfree #cleaneats #healthyeats #noodlesoup #coconutcurrysoup #soup

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Have any of you tried these Halls suckers for your kids? Being it cold and flu season I happened to stumble upon them when looking for cough drops for my kids. These are such a great idea and now I’m wondering why they haven’t existed before!? I feel like this is such a safer option for kids and they aren’t so hesitant to try them. Admittedly I may have snuck one or two when I was ill.

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Do y’all remember a few days ago when I was feeling yucky so I used all of the minty goodness for a pampering night? Welllllll see that yellow stick of awesomeness?? Well it’s back from retirement for a short time and you can grab one for just $10!!!!!!!! #poshblessings #essentialoils #momtip #momlife #momof4 #ordernow #coldonhold

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Confession....I TOTALLY overslept today. I set my alarm, woke up 50mins late (yep 5-0😳), considered saying screw it and snoozing for 10mins before I absolutely had to get up. . But I didn’t want to start my week off that way! So I condensed my routine into 10mins and even though my not have been my best morning I got it in anyway🙌🏻!

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When you move furniture, carpet is always left with heavy, unsightly indentations. In this case, the marks were left by the bookshelves that used to be here. An easy trick is to put ice cubes on the dents and leave them. Then when they've melted, the carpet will bounce right back with a little brushing! 😄

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[MOM TIP] 💆🏻‍♀️👩🏻👗💅🏻👠👓💃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️👛🌸🌻 even if we’re caught up with our motherhood /wifeyhood duties stay in touch with family, relatives and friends (and blogger friends too)... staying connected and being updated with news and other important stuff is important as taking care of ourselves ❤️ • • • #momtip #motherhood101 #raisingtoddlers #thoughts #parenting #momlife #lifewithatoddler #mommyblogger #uaemom # uaeblogger #topmommyblogs #everythingiswritable #mombloggersclub #mrstagswrites #uaemomblogger #stayconnected #communication

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Are you guys as obsessed with chia seed pudding as I am?! This one is so simple and delicious!!! 🍓 2 cups fresh strawberries hulled 1/3 cup chia seeds ( less of you prefer a thinner pudding consistency ) 1 tsp honey ( if you don’t have sweet strawberries ) Purée the strawberries in a food processor until smooth. Stir in the chia seeds and sweetener if needed. Cover and pop in the fridge overnight ( or at least 3 hours ). Once it’s set just stick a spoon in an enjoy!! I topped mine with fresh strawberry, banana, plain Greek yogurt, and some granola to make it more of a breakfast! Because who doesn’t want pudding for breakfast?!?

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Estuve leyendo a cerca de las uvas, ya que es una de las meriendas preferidas de Ana Paula y vi algunas cositas interesantes. Acá se las comparto. Es importante introducir la uva en la alimentación de los niños y de los bebés a partir del año de edad, ya que es una fuente importante de azúcar. Estos azúcares son saludables para la dieta diaria ya que contienen numerosos sustancias que son beneficiosas para el organismo. La uva contiene taninos que tienen una acción antioxidante, tiene un efecto laxante beneficioso para el cuerpo y contiene numerosos minerales además de vitaminas que favorezcan la digestión. También contienen ácido fosfórico y silicio que es un buen reconstituyente nervioso y una fruta que protege la piel y el cabello de nuestro bebe. Porque orgánicos? Los alimentos orgánicos son aquellos libres de químicos o fertilizantes sintéticos y no modificados genéticamente. Debemos tener un poco de cuidado a la hora de ofrecer las uvas a nuestros bebés, Y es por el tamaño, les recomiendo cortarla en dos y así es mucho más fácil para ellos tomarlas con sus manitos. #recipesbypaula #recetassaludables #babyfood #babyledweaningideas #babyledweaning #blw #momtip #momlife #motherhood #momofinstagram #panama #maternidad #lactanciamaterna #lactanciamaternaexclusiva

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Do you make a list for Santa?📝 Do you buy yourself your presents and put them under the tree?🛍 Do you just hope your special someone noticed your hints? 🤞🏻 . The older that Jaime and I get the more practical OR meaningful our presents to each other get 💏! . We have recognized that getting each other things we need or that mean a lot to us matter more than just “another ____” . This year have you already decided what you want? 🐡Maybe it’s a new pair of jeans but you feel “bloated” after Thanksgiving! 📷Maybe it’s a beautiful set of family pictures but you hate being in front of the camera! 🤷🏼‍♀️Maybe you haven’t asked for anything because you don’t want to waste money on things that don’t matter! . MAYBE you should give yourself a give that will last you all year long, that will transform how you feel on the inside and out, and that you get to enjoy with a group of women who all want the same things you do👯‍♀️!! . Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to give yourself just that! Don’t wait and be disappointed when you open up something you didn’t really want or need🎁😘! #giveyourselfthebestgift #makeyouapriority #naughtyornicedoesntmatter