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Throwing it back to the graffiti wall when I became a @spirit_box ambassador! I love my spirit box family! If you haven’t put one on your list you don’t know what your missing! Use my code kennedyskye1 and get a discount there is still time to get a subscription for Christmas 🎄 Tis the season to grab a Spiritbox of your own! 🎄❤️ #spiritboxrocks #spiritbox #spiritboxfamily #ilovemyspiritbox #subscriptionbox #cheer #cheerleading #dancer #love #bekind #kindnesscounts

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Loving this Christmas fortune teller at our house from @brendidblog! Spreading kindness is ALWAYS a great idea! ❤️🌻 // 📸 ~ @pinterest @brendid.com // #printables #christmastime #kindness #kidsofinstagram

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Our kindness wall is filling up! So nice to see our students showing appreciation for one another! ❤️ #kandmfamily #kindnesscounts

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Festive season being at its peak, it's high time to think about presents for everyone you love and care about💖🎁 We know you care about our project, and the only thing we want this Christmas is for our dream of bringing kindness to every community to come true✨ Building the Treespero app is one way of doing it!🎄 Be our Santa by contributing to it, just click the link in bio to see more details!🐰🍭

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Day 10 of the #25DaysOfKindness challenge! Leave a friendly note for someone! This can be for a loved one or for a stranger. It only takes a minute, and you'll make someone day. ❤️ #TrendsWithTraci #itonlytakesaminute #kindnesscounts #bekind #surprisenote #surprise #makesomeonesday

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Deja Vu?! Why yes, I did post this exact same picture the other day and here it is again! Well, Tis the Season of Giving and I would love to give away one of these handmade brass horn wreaths to one you! I am thankful for all of you; your inspiration, support and love, whether it be business or personal. I was blown away by the amount of kindness you all gave me yesterday regarding my post. It truly was so comforting, so thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️ Wouldn't it be fun to continue the kindness by tagging another IG user/friend and giving them a compliment. Tell them something special that you admire about them or their page and give them a meaningful or maybe even silly compliment to make them smile. I will randomly pick someone who tags a friend here or maybe another IG user you follow, but have never even spoke to before! I will randomly pick someone on Monday and happily send one of these wreaths to one of you kind friends. XOXO #complimentsarefree #tistheseason #kindnesscounts #kindnessiscontagious

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When you become a Mum (especially the first time) you deal with so many unnecessary bullsh*% judgement & opinions... . You Breastfeed in public, it’s offensive. You Breastfeed your child for what people consider is to long it’s offensive. You don’t Breastfeed for long enough, you’re not trying hard enough. You bottlefeed it’s offensive. You co-sleep it’s offensive. You have a routine you’re to controlling. You have a natural birth you’re trying to be to much of a hero. You have a cesarean & you’re“too posh to push”. You have lost your baby weight to fast. You haven’t lost your baby weight fast enough. You’re a stay at home mum, you’ve given up all your dreams. You’re a working mum & you’re selfish. . Seriously this is a never ending list & there is always going to be someone offended or judgmental about the choices you make when your a mother, I’ve been at this mum-ing gig for over twelve years & the best advice I can give every Mum is “PROTECT YOUR ENERGY”. . You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the choices you make. People will judge you no matter what you do but you have the power & you have the right to do what works for you & your baby. . #bumpbabyandco #opinionsarelikeassholeseverybodyhasone #dowhatworksforyou #judgementalpeoplesuck #mumlife #kindnesscounts #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebottlefeeding #everyonesjourneyisdifferent #justdoyou [📷 incredible image via @melissajeanbabies ]

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🕯🕯🕯🕯 And to the employee of the month @sephora who refused a stressed and sad mother’s request to help her with her makeup?.... in your smoky eye— 😘👁 I just did your job better than you. Apparently #vibsephora means nothing Happy Chanukah to you sir. Remember Sephora— customers are the foundation of success and it starts with competent and engaged associates. #makesephoragreatagain #kindnesscounts #collectacareernotapaycheck

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Advent Acts of Kindness, Day 15: Today I brought a couple of homemade meals to an amazing mama who has kiddos with medical challenges. They spent the week at the hospital with one of her children and were spending a well-deserved day at home in their jammies. As I was taking a photo of the meal for this post, I couldn’t help but think of how unglamorous it looked. And it reminded me, yet again, how often kindness is unglamorous. How often kindness is done in quiet moments, in unseen encounters. How often it happens amid the mundane moments of our lives. How it’s often not picture-worthy—and yet, it’s profoundly memorable. . . If that’s you today—if you are doing things that seem overlooked or minor—we see you. And, more importantly, God sees you and honors the spirit in which your kind acts are done. . . #kindnesscounts #kindnessmatters #choosekind #bekind #kindness #kindnessrocks #loveothers #lovewell #actsofkindness

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Thank you to all those that donated and help me fully find my project! Words cannot turkey express my gratitude. #thankful #teacherlife #peoplecare #makeadifference #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #kindness #kindnesscounts #choosekind

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Apparently the gal at the take-out counter at lunch forgot to ask for my name....glad she chose the word “nice” instead of “gigantically pregnant,” or “sad that we were out of green beans.” #kindnesscounts #shewasnicetoo

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Please support this amazing cause https://gogetfunding.com/siljes-sdr-fund/ #kindnessismagic #bekind #love #kindnesscounts #kindnessisfree #kindnessrocks #kindnessalways

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We’re all about being kind to each other.......and about cupcakes 💖🌎🌈. www.little-global-citizens.com

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@Regrann from @p4cm: Colossians 3:12 | "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." 💞 #BeKind #KindnessCounts #Kindness #BeKindToEachOther #KindnessMakesAllTheDifference #p4cm

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Day 9 of the #25DaysOfKindness challenge! Skip the drive through and don't eat out today. Cooking for your family is an expression of your love for them. Love isn't a descriptive word, it's an action word. Be kind today by coming a meal for your loved ones! #trendswithtraci #homecookedmeal #loveyourfamily #happywifehappylife #kindnesscounts

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12 days of Christmas continues! We are celebrating the holiday season and all about the spirit of giving, kindness, and good cheer! As well as sharing things we love. Gift ideas, family ideas or just plain old adorable fashion and date night requirements 🤣😜❤️. A couple weeks ago, we gave away a Furmont Chrismouse as a sneakpeak of the upcoming giveaways and we’ve got another one for one of you out there!!! Seriously, we love this little guy so much! Our only pet mouse we will probably ever own ... Not only is he cute, but he’s a wonderful new family tradition that inspires contagious kindness, and reminds us all that the real magic of the holiday season. #swipeleft ⬅️ @FurmontChrismouse is a great way to rock the true spirit of giving that can be found even in the smallest gestures and treasures of every day life. Furmont is a gift-holding ornament in the shape of a mouse, and he comes with a hardcover storybook, and 12 Chrismouse Kindness cards to share with your family and friends. The kids cannot wait to read these each morning! Proceeds from every unit of Furmont sold will help us buy baby food for young families at the Oakville Fareshare Food Bank. Jamie and I are giving one more Furmont Chrismouse away during our 12 Weeks of FITzMAS and you have the chance to win one!!! 1. Double tap and ❤️ this post!!!! 2. Comment #kindnesscounts below 3. Follow us on IG at @kim_m_fitzpatrick & @jamiefitzpatrickfitness 4. Register for a chance to win using the link provided below. Enter the link below to register for a chance to win Furmont mouse or other amazing presents and gift ideas we will be sharing with you throughout the 12 Days of FITzMAS! LINK TO SIGN UP FOR DAY 2: http://bit.ly/fitzmasday2 Want to increase your chances of winning one of our awesome giveaways? Come back and visit us tomorrow and sign up again! The more days you register, the more chances you have to win! Let’s spread joy, LOVE and Cheer .... now and all year!!! Xo K & J, Tessa and Colby 📸: @heather_hogan_photography

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Don't Quit: Joe Roth Story https://youtu.be/THXxI-NWH4c #faithhumilitycourage #inspiration #dontquit #nevetgiveup #kindnesscounts

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It isn't always fair that that guys do the heavy lifting but the girls get the glory! Great job at your school dance performance Kris and Jazmin! Congratulations! #middleschoolexpo #dancers #ballet #nutcracker #teendancers

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Colossians 3:12 | "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." 💞 #BeKind #KindnessCounts #Kindness #BeKindToEachOther #KindnessMakesAllTheDifference #p4cm

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Lillian telling the Post Office worker that all of these are Kindness kits being sent all over the US! She diligently filled this whole post office vestibule with Kindness Kits stacked up high!! ❤️😍❤️ #kindnesscounts #randomactsofkindness on their way!

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Mint to Be Bestie Bow is going to be a must-have for Spring! Mint to Be and 8 other new colors are available now, along with a restock of crimson and evergreen! ❤️ Www.merceandme.com **link in bio** #merceandmenecessities #merceandme #mmnecessities #besties #bows #mint #christmas #stockingstuffers #calistaandco #cali_coboutique #kindnesscounts

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I am beyond thankful 😊 As many of you know earlier this year I took a leap of faith, stepped out and started my own business. We've had a ton of changes in our life this year and are so blessed to be right where we are supposed to be. My business is thriving, my side-hustle paycheck continues to grow! We've been thankful to have paid off yet another small debt today! I've been thinking back over the last year. Thank you for everyone who has supported us and loved on us the past year we love y'all and are so grateful for each of you! Blessings to you for a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year! Remember what really counts this holiday, your loved ones and always being kind to everyone you meet! #kindnesscounts #holidayreflections #blessedbeyond

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Merry and Bright Holiday Kindness Challenge, 14 December: We're still doing our challenge, but sometimes it's just too much to record. This week we have been making goodies for teachers, the mail carrier and the UPS man. How are you doing with your challenge? . . . . . #kindnesschallenge #kindness #kindnessmatters #bekind #christmas #kindnessismagic #kindnesscounts #merryandbrightkindnesschallenge