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I think I’m moving to Prince Edward Island next summer! Ps: a fox 🦊 can be found in this photo 🌊 have a great weekend, go explore.

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#snowy day! Love this #weather in #terminillo #mountain ! β„πŸŒ¨

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The dark side of Peggy’s Cove 🌊 hope everyone’s having a great week!

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Itulah mengapa, menjadi penting mencari kawan yang satu frekuensi. bukan hanya satu frekuensi dalam hal dunia, tapi juga satu frekuensi dalam memandang akhirat.

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Where's the snow??? It feels like spring! #Banff

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Quality time at the lake..

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When the sun sets, the colors come out to play.

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In the middle of #nowhere , it took me a while to see it! ❄ Beautiful #forest in #terminillo!

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8 hours working and now another 5 hours of straight photo editing. Goodbye life, I go out for a walk now.

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Winter swells are back, I could sit for hours to watch the waves crashing on the rocks..

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πŸ“Έ by talented @platoux 😎

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Sunrise in Vermillion Lake sure beats the cubicles 😊. #sunrise in #Banff

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be the best version of yourself

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I arrived at the venue for Skiitour last night way too early and it was basically completely empty aside from two guys sitting at a table. I asked them if I could sit down with them assuming they must be cool if they are also at a Skiitour show in Banff, and after talking for a while we eventually realized that we had stayed at the same camp at Burning Man this year and never met each other. Which is crazy because I left the playa this year kicking myself a little bit for how little art and workshops I made it to because there were so many amazing people at camp I hardly left it. To make it even better they were friends with one of the other Australians I had made friends with at camp but forgot to exchange contact information with him before I left, and he happened to be bouncing the venue that night. Now after hugs, and shots, and dancing I'm reconnected with even more One Tribe family. Life is so special.

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This has been unlike any trip to the mountains I have ever taken.

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Far away from civilization..

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One day, one session ! Here Gwen Cristien find a little wave to show off his famous drop knee turn. Link in my bio πŸŽ₯✌🏻 _ #classiclongboard #singlefin #bw #surfvideo #classicsurf #brittany #bretagne #surfbretagne #exploremore #modernoutdoors #stayandwander #wanderout #greathnorthcollective #liveoutdoors #neverstopexploring #theoutdoorfolk #thegreaoutdoors #myfeatureshoot #enmodebasque

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Pastel days at my favourite East Coast spot 🌊🌊🌊 how was the weekend everyone ? ✈️

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Winter mood πŸ”

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Cloudy Sunday ☁️