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Liberty Cap

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Anyone visiting Montréal would fall in love with these cute colourful victorian houses around Plateau! - Carré Saint-Louis, Montréal, Canada - Nikon D600 50mm 1.8G at f11 - - - - - - - #made_in_mtl #mtlblog #livemontreal #montreal_gallery #mtlmoments #montreal #montréalpics #Montréalshot #plateau #montréalquébec #montréaljetaime #montréaljemesouviens #montréalblog #montréaloriginal #mtl #canada #city_features #mtlphoto #travelphotography #exploremontreal #aroundtheworld #narcitymontreal #travelawesome #montroyal #quebec #514 #mtlmoments #igersmtl #livemontreal #mtltimes17 @mtlblog @montreal_gallery @mtlpromos @narcity_montreal @so_montreal @motreality @montreall @livemontreal @itsmontreal @mtlshot

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Feeling the Christmas spirit with all of Christmas markets and snow in Munich 🎅🏼🎄Off to warmer weather tomorrow 🚀🌅

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Enchanted Forest of Light💡 (swipe right 👉🏼)

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Wolf Spirit 🐺~ free and wild he lives in me~ instinctual, intuitive with a resolved goodness and wildness we share~ his diplomacy teaches me. He watches over me, we explore the wilderness quietly together, I watch over him. Yesterday I spent the night in the emergency room with him, he will be fine. He has changed my life in ways only a wolf who imprints one could. I am blessed every day I have with him. He is my wildness, I am his 🖤~ He loves the snow. ❄️ ______________________________________________ . . . . . . . #hikingwithdogs #wintertime #wolf #awakethesoul #moody #gsd #liveoutthere #mountainstones #stayandwander #earthgrammers #vibesofvisuals #theoutbound #mindfulness #roamtheplanet #justgoshoot #modernoutdoors #myunicornlife #chasinglight #explorewildly #outdoorwomen #liveauthentic #welivetoexplore #wanderlust #keepitwild #gypsysoul #visualsoflife #openmyworld #abmhappylife #wildernessculture #moodygrams

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Good night 😴 🍃

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I’m waiting for some snow. Who is ready for a snow day?!?

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10 times out of 10, I pick life in the mud.

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Head over to the Town Square TONIGHT from 5-7pm for the first night of Santa on the Square! The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Santa each evening until December 24th. Little ones, bring your wish list for Santa—the entire family can enjoy cookies and hot cocoa donated by local businesses! 🌟🎄🎅🏻 | 📷 @ms_madison

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More than just a monolith🍃

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Read my article, "Be With Someone Who Appreciates Your Offerings." and more articles from me on: medium.com/@melissamtripp

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You’ll find us here. #GoPro

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In the vast outback of Jämtland, enjoying that white gold. #mountains #getoutdoors

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Ho scordato di dirti che non sono sola ho il ragazzo e non dovresti avvicinarti e mi avvicino per prima Ho scritto una lettera d’amore una volta ti pensavo così forte che poi mi è salita la pressione sono così vulnerabile e i tuoi occhi mi trapassano ma ti piacciono o non ti piacciono i miei pantaloni? me li ha regalati il mio ex ma ora sono libera ho preso un treno per venire da te l’ho preso sette mesi fa sai a maggio devo andare lontano e il pericolo corre lungo i binari Ti sento forte vicino a me l’odore della tua pelle finalmente siamo soli finalmente siamo noi tre 🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋 #nikonstagram #awakethesoul #princely_shotz #shotzdelight #agameofthones #cettesemainesurinstagram #demandeznouslaville #amateurs_shot #igers_opengallery #instacity #cityoflove #beautiful_destinations #awesome_photographers #geo_plc #travelgram #yallersworld #igers_europe #europe_greatshots #bns_europe #europe_focus_on #hello_france #super_france #france4dreams #exclusive_france #vedettesdupontneuf #pontbirhakeim #coucherdesoleil #sunsetlovers #tramonto #skyporn

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we live these incredible stressful lives where deadlines and grades and physical appearance seem to automatically define who we are. no one knows our background and it’s weird to think that every person you pass on the streets lives a life as vivid as yours and have that second voice permeating their head, telling them what to do and how to act. we’re all quite similar despite all of our differences and we choose to hide our weaknesses because frailty is a haunting fear. we don’t want to let ourselves or others down and we bend ourselves backwards for these impossible expectations that either we or society creates for us. remember, everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud (also, this was definitely one of my favorite days this fall)

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Repost @adamcgil: Home state pride post. The gratitude in me everyday for getting to live in this golden land is massive. Even when I travel elsewhere and hear the negatives of California or Californians, I only have more pride to be from a state that has pioneered so much and holds some of the most beautiful places on Earth. We couldn't agree more, Adam. Thank you for also repping one of our favorite tees, the Sunset Bear which was inspired by California's iconic grizzly and amazing sunsets. Swipe and tap to shop the Sunset Bear tee. Free shipping for all US orders! Order by December 17th for holiday delivery. #neverelsewhere

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Exploring this frozen world ↠

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Знаете, что классно? Когда и в путешествии хорошо и на работу хочется ❤️

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Work hard now so you can enjoy more later 🤘

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Trying to make peace with the snow at Annette Lake.

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Looks perfect right about now 🔥 Photo by: @svetashkinder @swbg 📸

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the Komodo map + Navajo blankets? 🙌🏻 {two days left to order your map for Christmas delivery! Enter Free Shipping in the next 24hrs for a rare discount ✌🏼}

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I don't want to be a drag

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We have been trying to take polaroids of each destination that gives us a 'WOW' moment - fair to say this one definitely did! It's an old Polaroid which is very hit or miss when it pops out, but because I'm so anal about my usual type of photography it's great to embrace the imperfections of the Polaroid. Maybe I should embrace that a little more in general 🤔 Anyways - for those of you that have been following along closely I recently posted about a bucketlist competition I entered, and turns out I WON!!! Haha still any believe it, but I'm currently in the airport about to embark on a journey to Patagonia to tick off a bucketlist item that had been there for years!

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Photo 2 of the Black & White Challenge. My father nominated me for this project and I thought I'd give it a go. It requires seven black and white photos of your life. No people, no pets, no explanation. Nominate someone new each day. I nominate @alter._.eco , have fun! 🌲🖤

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Enjoy every moment that you can 💛🌻

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explore #waterfalls

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Congrats to @carlooftheforest make sure to tag us and use #np10k for a chance to be featured on your national park posts 🌎🐻🍁🌲 Also, tag people in the comments who you think deserves a feature 😁 . . . . #Repost @carlooftheforest ・・・ Celebrating 2k followers by posting my favorite shot from Acadia National Park. We spent the day hiking down the Ocean Path then climbed up the Gorham Trail to the Beehive loop and decided to catch the sunset near Otter Cliffs. To capture this photo, I sat my camera about 6 inches from the edge. A sunset to never be forgotten surrounded by good friends @createdreincarnated @larry.hikes @chubbyphil @phil_wolfman ------ Thank you @AcadiaNPS @nationalparkservice for all that you do!!💚✌️🌲🦐🌊💚 • • • • #nature #natureaddict #naturelovers #instanature #adventureseeker #ilovenature #thegreatoutdoors #discoverearth #awakethesoul #natureseekers #headedelsewhere #naturephotography #gooutside #photooftheday #adventure #sunset #sunset🌅 #sunset_ig #sunset_hub #sunsetlover #sunsethunter #sunsetlovers #sunset_madness #natureprimeshot #nationalparkgeek #goparks #igsunset

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Lite-Brite #anthelionhelicopters

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NEW post, "Getaway Guide to the Adirondacks", on my travel blog!! Check it out, read about all the adventures to be had there and peep the video at the end! Hope it inspires some of you to take a weekend getaway (or longer) there! (Bonus if it's in the Fall). 😍>> **click on link in my bio to read**

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When in Porto, treat yourself to a Caudalie Vinothérapie® spa experience @theyeatman. It’s perfect place to relax and indulge in the health and beauty properties of the 🍇 🍷 to restore the skin, body and mind.

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baby doll | @katherinemuggeo flawless as always ✨

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In the vapor of Your breath the planets form, if the stars were made to worship, so will I. I can see Your heart in everything You’ve made, every burning star, a signal fire of grace. If creation sings Your praises, so will I. ——————— So Will I x @hillsongunited

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River runs through it

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Textured by the 🌲 and 🌝

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Winner 9/10 of the mini portrait contest is @callmepocahontas Please help us congratulate the artist!

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Winner 9/10 of the mini portrait contest is @callmepocahontas Please help us congratulate the artist!

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Takakkaw Falls #yohonationalpark