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Tá chegando a data de ganhar presente. 🎁🎉

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eu amo tanto criar que nem sei 💖 vocês sabiam que eu passo horas criando rascunho pra fotos, fazendo roteiro pra vídeos... minha mente não para um minuto! agora só falta tempo e ajuda pra produzir tudo isso rs 😰

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I could edit Gary for hours.

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🚨GOOGLE PIXELBOOK CONTEST!🚨. . Hey everyone! I am so hyped to announce that in collaboration with Google I will be giving away Google Pixelbook to the winner of my Pixelbook Creative Photo Contest!!! 💻. . This laptop just came out and it is super sleek and ultra powerful! It is inspiring to see all the amazing creativity of this community, I am super excited to see what you all come up with!!! Here are the rules of the contest: 1. Follow @photified 2. Upload a creative photo to your Instagram using the hashtag #photifiedpixelbook 3. Images can be; but do not have to be photoshopped. Show me your creativity! 4. Stock images allowed 5. Like this post and tag a friend 6. Enter as many times as you'd like I will choose a winner to be announced on December 24, 12 EST. Good luck! Get creative and have fun! Also check out my story today for how I created this image! 🙌 #ad #teampixel #madebygoogle

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@vickijanuary checking out muriwai 🌊

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vocês acreditam em tudo que veem? por trás dessa foto tem uma história, assim como por trás de todas as fotos que a gente vê por aí. me inspirei em um vídeo da @robertavicente_ (assistam esse vídeo pelo amor de deus) em que ela diz que, na internet, só é exposto 10% da nossa vida, só a ponta do iceberg, pra editar essa foto. me inspirei também no caso da lipo da boca rosa, não vou negar que julguei pra caramba mas agora entendo que ela, por mais famosa que seja, também tem uma história e uma vida REAL e motivos pra fazer o que fez. reflitam sobre isso, sobre nossos valores, sobre a mensagem que passamos pras pessoas (óbvio que não vamos ter q postar que estamos tristes ou sei lá, mas sim, se passamos aquilo que realmente vivemos) sobre o padrão que queremos toda hora atingir e enfimmm, só isso mesmo 💖

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Going from Brisbane summer to this was a bit of a shock. Not complaining though 🤟🏻

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These Aussie beaches are 🔥 raise your hand if you’d go for a swim or surf here 🙋🏻‍♂️

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Your photos are a pleasure to edit @jordhammond keep them coming

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Down on the west coast they got a saying If you're not drinking then you're not playing 🌌

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Horizon. I'm always trying to catch it but I can't seem to get it. ⠀ Not sure if any of you have noticed but I'm going through a little bit of a flat period at the moment. ⠀ I feel like there's so many people doing the same thing on here so I've been super critical of my own content I haven't really wanted to post it. ⠀ I think it's time to mix it up. Thoughts? ⠀ #exploreaustralia #sydneylife #australiagram #ig_australia #sydneylife #seeaustralia #sydneylocal #spheredrones #sydneyfolk #ilovesydney #discoveraustralia #sydney_gram #exploreourearth #instagood10k #moodygrams #skysupply #aov #TheWeekOnInstagram #agameoftones #vol10k #roamearth #igtones #amazingplaces #createscenery #bucketlisters #Visitnsw #thestoked

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Still working on images for my new website. Going through and posting older images since the square crop changed. One of my favorites of the Central Oregon Cascade Range.

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Back in the motherland just in time for the first snow of the year ⛄️

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Waiting for the penguins. Did you know penguins actually live in Australia? The more you know.

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🐝🐝🐝 A large swarm of bees attacked my Phantom 4 yesterday! You can see them photobombing in this shot. It was pretty scary finding a location to land far away enough that the bees wouldn't notice us. Forgive me, my little bee friends!!! As soon as I killed the engine they dissipated with a final buzz... there must have been a hive in a tree nearby... . . . . . . . . . . . . #photobomb #skypan #justgoshoot #earthpix #drone #djiglobal #hypebeast #aerialphoto #dronephoto #flightography #melbourne #australia #ourplanetdaily #UnitedByDrone #awesupply #Adobe_BreakingBoundaries #fromwhereidrone #droneoftheday #droneofficial #polarpro #dronegirl #womenintech #doyoutravel #visualsoflife #dronebooth #way2ill #wowaustralia #theimaged #thelensbible #exploretocreate #flightography @ig_drone @melbourne_lyf @melbourne_insta @agameoftones @illgrammers @moodygrams @passionpassport @abstractaerialart @droneglobe @way2ill @roamtheplanet @eclectic_shots @dronephotosdaily @aerial_aesthetics @droneswagger @djirich @djitribe @drnland

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Relaxing night out in the Tetons. Missing the cold currently 95F here. Not use to this heat.

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You can find a spicy Caesar for $22 here in Melbourne. Worth every penny.

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Big ups to all the brave firefighters battling massive #wildfires like champs in the state of California!🔥 My grandpa was a firefighter too, so I know how hard their lives can be. Stay strong!✊ - Let's pay our respects to the brave men by commenting '💪💪💪' down below!👇 : #legocity #firefighter #californiafires #lafires #fireseason #lego #legos #killeverygram #way2ill #adobe_breakingboundaries #bricknetwork #toyphotographer #toyphotography #legophotography #legoart #toysoutdoors #TopToyPhotos #legoland #minifigures #toycommunity #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #most_deserving #afol #instalego #epictoyart #legostagram #igworldglobal #igworldclub

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Reindeer in winter landscape 📸 @elinjnilsson #swedenimages

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Primeras imágenes de ECOEQUILIBRIO: VENIMOS DEL AGUA. Un proyecto en proceso... Expuesto en Barcelona hasta el 8 de enero de 2018 ECOEQUILIBRIO es un conjunto de ensayos fotográficos sobre el vínculo esencial entre los humanos y la naturaleza. La serie "Eco-balance"/ “Eco-equilibrio, “busca reflejar y recordar, desde la imagen y la experiencia estética, nuestra conexión y dependencia con nuestro entorno. Eco-equilibrio se compone de varias (series) de ensayos fotográficos que ilustran / muestran estas ideas. ECOEQUILIBRIO: VENIMOS DEL AGUA II La hipotética sopa primitiva o caldo primordial, rica en compuestos básicos para la vida como el carbono, oxígeno, nitrógeno e hidrógeno y bajo directa influencia de rayos ultravioletas y energía eléctrica surge lo que consideramos el origen de la vida en la tierra. Esta hipótesis es opuesta a la teoría de las fuentes hidrotermales en el origen de la vida, que es una de las teorías científicas más plausibles, que localizan a LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) nacido hace 4.000 millones de años, en las mismas fuentes. De una forma u otra los científicos señalan como el origen de la vida, de forma bastante certera, en el agua. El agua ha sido esencial en la construcción de las civilizaciones a través de la historia de la humanidad y así mismo tiene un papel simbólico compartido en el inconsciente colectivo y representado de manera profusa en el Arte de todos los tiempos. (...)